5 Countries to Travel on $30 or Less Per Day

5 Countries to Travel on $30 or Less Per Day

As soon the thought of traveling comes to your mind, you step back at you think it is going to be too expensive. If you’re expecting to stop at luxurious cruises and five-star hotels, this may be true but otherwise it’s a sheer misconception. There are various countries throughout the world where you can travel at less than $30 in a day, thanks to the countries’ low living costs and your stronger US dollar.

As long as traveling on cheap is concerned, it often includes going out for trips where you have to make few sacrifices but if you choose the perfect place, you win half of the battle. Let’s check out few countries where you can travel even if you’re on a tight budget.

1: Thailand

The paradise for the backpackers is definitely Thailand. This is a place which offers a mixture of bustling towns, tropical islands, delicious food and energetic night life and Thailand has recently exploded in terms of the tourism industry within the last few decades. In spite of the huge growth of visitors, the prices of Thailand have still remained low and undoubtedly it is one of the cheapest nations to visit in the entire South-east Asia. The street food of Thailand is incomparable and also extremely affordable.

2: China

China is a nation which has different kinds of contrasts. While there is modernity in China, you will also find realms of ancient history here and there. The Chinese landscapes range from frozen ice city to arid deserts and as we all know that China is the highest populated country, it can be overwhelming if you travel to this place. You get hostel dorm rooms at $2.93 per night and the meals are also too cheap. Try and spend less time in the bigger cities in China to save money.

3: Bolivia

Bolivia is usually never taken seriously as a travel destination as compared to neighbors like Argentina, Brazil, Peru and Chile. This is something indeed shameful as this is a rather diverse nation which is home to picturesque landscapes which are all accessible at a cheap price. Then you get to see section of Amazon Rainforest, Andes Mountains and Lake Titicaca which lie around the borders. You get hostel rooms at $6 per night and restaurant costs can be as low as $3.50. Make sure you take lunch at local markets.

4: Mexico

The mention of the word Mexico conjures pictures of beaches and sea-faced resorts which cater to the sun-seeking vacationers. You will find alarmingly large amount of wildlife which never got the deserved recognition, flamingos, black bears, crocodiles and the wide array of sea life. You will get hostel rooms at 50 cents per night and domestic beer can be got at $1.38. Avert the famous coastal areas which are costlier.

5: India

If you want to visit a country which is replete with wildlife, spirituality, color, chaos and excitement, you should definitely visit India. Your senses will all remain engaged when you move through India and you will find no other country like this. There will come a time when you might feel overwhelming but the countryside of India is tranquil and calm as against the noisy and tumultuous bigger cities. Hostel rooms are available at $2.16 per night and domestic beer can be got at $1.55. The prices remain highly inflated and hence you should haggle for everything.

Therefore, if you’re tight on budget and you want to travel to a place with less money, don’t miss any of the above mentioned countries.

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