5 Simple Energy-Saving Tips for Summer

5 Simple Energy-Saving Tips for Summer

We all wait for summer to make much awaited family plans and wear vibrant colors to sync with the sunshine but often we forget about the disheartening electricity bills that come along. It is extremely impossible to remain calm and composed when the scorching heat plays with your nerves and on top of that the overuse of cooling products that consumes lot of energy. In order to save energy in summer you can adapt to some strategic energy saving tips that will definitely help you to save energy in summer without hurting your pocket.

Changing eating habits

This may sound out of the context but trust me; this strategy will help you in reducing the heat generation inside your house and will not force you to switch on air conditioner quite often. During summer season you should switch on to raw food, sandwiches, vegetables and fresh fruits that would not require cooking on stoves. You should avoid eating spicy food which would increase your bodily temperature and thus will lead you to cool yourself down from air conditioners. Eating food which keeps your body and mind cool will help you to tolerate summer in a better way.

Cover those much-awaited plans

It is always better to stay out of home more often during summer and make plans for a movie or a get together in a cool place like malls. It would be upsetting to your pocket if you switch on air conditioner all the time while at home, so it is always better to go in some closed space which would be air-conditioned and will also provide you with leisure time. You should cover up for all the plans that you were planning for months and should invite friends and cook lavish dishes on grill outside your house instead of microwave and oven. This will help you to save energy in summer and combat the heat.

Keep your house covered

Although it feels good when fresh sunlight comes through your windows but it is not a good option during summer. You should cover all your windows and spaces from where direct sunlight reaches into your house because that becomes the cause of increased heat production. The hotter it will be inside your house, the worse it will be for your pocket because you would be induced to pay large electricity bills. This is one of the best energy saving strategies as your house will be covered with blinds and will remain cool during summer.

Altering your habits is one of the energy saving tips

You can also save lots of energy by changing some of your habits which eventually consume lot of electricity and heat up the house too. Instead of drying your clothes in a dryer, you should line-dry the clothes during summer season, so that you save energy which would be wasted on using dryer in vain. You can also try to be at peace with your basement and spend some time over there, as it would be much cooler than your heat-up rooms. You can also save energy by indulging into different activities instead of using mobiles, I-pads, etc. which required long hours of charging.

Reversing your fan’s movement

This is the simplest answer on how to save energy during summer and is the easiest trick to do. Just reversing the movement of your fan from clockwise to anticlockwise, your fan will do wonders. Although your fan will not make whole room cool but it will give a cooling sensation if you will sit just under it. By reversing its movement, the air gets locked in the fan blades and gives direct cooling air above your head. This will help you to calm yourself down easily instead of switching on air conditioners every time you enter your house.

By keeping in mind these amazingly simple energy saving tips, you will be able to cut off your expenses and enjoy the summer the way they should be cherished.

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