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5 Tricks to Save Money on Flight Tickets Cost during Thanksgiving

5 Tricks to Save Money on Flight Tickets Cost during Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is that time of the year when we meet with our friends, family and closed acquaintances. We share a good time with our loved ones; have lots of food, laughter and fun. But if all these joyful moments and togetherness will come at large expense, the fun of Thanksgiving nullifies. Since our friends and family doesn’t live in our vicinity, the traveling expense that would be incurred while traveling through air will be too high. Especially during festive season the flight tickets cost so much more than the normal price. Here are some simplified tricks you can apply to save money on flight tickets while traveling by air this Thanksgiving.

Do not prioritize your plans

It might seem unsound to not prioritize your own plans but this can really help in saving a good amount of your traveling expenses. Whenever you want to travel by air during Thanksgiving, it is always better to book your air tickets almost a month before the Thanksgiving. All airline agencies increase the price of air tickets during Thanksgiving because of its excessive demand during that time. So, instead of going with your plan of booking your air tickets just before two days of Thanksgiving, it would be much better if you plan your trip month before and save money by making early preparations.

Choose your destination wisely

If you, your friends and your family are deciding to have a meet-and-greet at some beautiful destination, you should be extra rational in deciding the destination. The flight tickets cost differs according to the place you want to go to and travel by air during Thanksgiving, you should choose a place which will be less costly in comparison with other destinations which are in high demand and the flight tickets cost extremely high. For example, it would be much better if you choose to visit Boston that would cost you around $190 for one-side traveling, rather than choosing to visit Los Angeles that might cost you more than $220 on one-side.

Travel late to save money on flight tickets

If you feel that you cannot book your tickets one month or twenty days before the Thanksgiving Day which is on November 28 this year, there is one other way to save money on flight tickets. You can travel on the same day of Thanksgiving and not one or two days before that. Traveling on same day will help you save money as the flight tickets cost less on the same day. Being clever in this respect will help you in saving that extra amount of expense that would be incurred on you otherwise. As the demand of the air tickets are more prior to the day, the cost per ticket also increases. Thus, lesser the demand on Thanksgiving and after it and better prices will be available to you.

Be constantly aware about the changing fares

We all feel little frustrated if we are to keep a constant check on the continuously changing fares of the flights. There are many fare alerts which inform you whenever the flight tickets cost less than the other times. So, you can sign up on different platforms of information which will intimate you whenever the flight price lowers down. The services do not incur any expenses as they are provided to the possible customers free of cost. Services like Google, Yapta and Kayak are some services that notify the users about the changing fares and timings of the flights too.

It is always good to take assistance

There are many time when we lose an opportunity when it comes at the best point and sometimes we are not even aware about the best prices out there. In this case, you should always be ready to take the help of travel agents who are aware about the changing fares and the best deal in the market. They compare and contrast different flights and best timings according to your demand. Consulting a travel agent would cost you around $25 for one time which will eventually lead you to the best deal and thus large money saving.

Following these tricks will really help you in dealing with excessive flight fares wisely. Proper assistance and constant research will help you in saving some extra dollars this Thanksgiving.

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