6 Reasons Most People Get Stuck in their Career

6 Reasons Most People Get Stuck in their Career

Do you feel like you are in the wrong job, and you don’t know what to do about it? Well, you are not alone. 

While millennials continue to dominate the workforce, a research shows that 71% don’t fancy their current employment positions. It’s no surprise considering that another research shows that 51% of Americans are actively looking for a new job. Whether one finds the task monotonous or boring is a matter of expectation not being met, the reasons to find a new job vary.

However, one common thread with Americans feeling stuck in their career is fear and a lack of sense of direction. It’s hard enough at work and trying to balance that with a new change of direction can be overwhelming.

So, what are the reasons many people get stuck with their careers? You are about to find out. 

Taking a Job for Money

Most people dream of a better career. The perks that come with it are too great to be passed by. Any individual will jump right at an opportunity that seems to offer better income. But what happens when all you do is work, no time for family, friends, and even for yourself?

Depression creeps in. The chances are that you’re getting a better salary compared to your peers, and you can’t let go. You are stuck and feel like you can’t leave. If the lucrative job is affecting the overall quality of your life, then you need to have an exit plan. Consider consulting with a career management agency for counsel.

Failure to Master New Skills

Are you self-advancing yourself, or are you too busy to do that? Being active is not necessarily being productive. You could be busy watching the most recent TV show on Netflix while your colleagues are pursuing education online. 

If you feel stuck with your current career, the chances are that you cannot quit your job because you have nothing impressive on your resume to warrant a promotion or a job offer from a more fulfilling organization. 

Most organizations have programs for training and further education for the professional development of its employees. It’s never too late for one to update their resume with new skills. If you are feeling stuck, education could be your ticket to get out of the career rut.

Self-Demeaning Attitude

Others are stuck in a career and don’t seem to climb the corporate ladder or even make an attempt to rise because they think other people are better than themselves. Everyone has their race to run, and comparing yourself to your colleague will only make you feel crappy.

Other people are not better than you; everyone has a unique set of skills, and so do you. Mark may be good at conversations, but Bruce is the real deal when it comes to managing teams. What is your unique value proposition? If you continually see others as more capable than you will remain in your dark corner and avoid the spotlight.

Find the skillset that sets you apart, and capitalize on it. You don’t need to prove yourself; chances are there is a colleague with similar skills too and can get you up to speed.

Too Comfortable in Your Position

You fear career change because you’ve had the same position for a very long time, and you don’t know what the world has to offer outside your career comfort. Also, with age and experience, the fear of an attempt at accomplishing something new grows.

It will even be scary to attempt if you’ve tried several times in the past and failed at it. Some of the experiences may be traumatic, and you end up stuck in your career. But remember, every failure is a learning insight on how not to go about something. Don’t fear failure; fear the regret of not attempting.

You Don’t Know What You Want

Failing to plan is planning to fail- so they say. Have you ever thought about what you clearly want, or are you just being driven around and external factors drive your decisions? Because an individual family member is in the same role as you and successful, you believe the same will turn out to be true for you.

Often people who don’t have a determined destiny end up being drifted to where they don’t want to be. Is it possible you care about what society thinks, and you are stuck in a position and can’t leave to pursue that dance class because you don’t know what people will make of you?

Blaming Others for Your Circumstances

While growing up, sometimes our immediate family envision a career in a specific field will be good for us. But when you achieve that dream, you realize it’s not what you wanted in the first place. Many end up stuck in the position because of their parents or siblings for fear of being reprimanded.

They end up blaming them for the woes and lack of fulfillment in their career path. But the truth is, you are an adult now, and you can shift your goals and chase after your dreams.

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