7 Best Money Saving Apps for A Financial Bootstrap

7 Best Money Saving Apps for A Financial Bootstrap

Did you know that we can manage and save money through technology? Yes, we can through some of the best money saving apps. Here’s how:

Money management is an exercise which every individual performs at some stage of their life. Over the years people have come up with some efficient budget oriented theories. When you start earning money, people advise you to go for two things, savings and investments. Some say that investment is an amalgamation of expenditure and savings as expenditure for now and save for future.

If you browse through the internet you will see a hell lot of investment schemes which everyone advertises for. But, the thing to give a thought for is the savings scheme. Putting a part of our money into envelopes or savings boxes after subsequent intervals are something turning towards the old fashion. With the advent of technology, the whole financial affairs have gone digital. Developing nations are moving more and more towards the digital transactions.

So who will serve as the savings box to keep our savings cash? How to monitor our weekly or monthly transactions? Speaking of technologies, we have the mobile applications(apps) on-board.

There are a lot of budget apps online but one of the best money saving apps will be the chosen one. Since the advertisement gushes in at every place, thus, it is hard to find what features it actually has and what features it does not. Here is a list of some recommended applications to manage personal finance:

  • Monzo: On the Top Among The Best Money Saving Apps

This app lets you manage your expenses under a fixed budget. Finalise your budget yourself, put it into the Monzo account and spend it using Monzo’s interface. It gives you push notifications if you overspend, it categorizes the expenditure into different categories as eateries, medicines, traveling etc. It provides the report of the whole period in various interactive forms like graphs, charts, tables etc.

  • Digit:

It analyzes what your income is, what your basic expenditures are and figures out a way what you can save. All this savings, it puts it into a separate Digit account. All this analysis is done in between 2 to 3 weeks. There is a 100-day free trial initially then the later you have to pay for the services by nominal charges.

  • Clarity money:

From all the best money saving apps, this app is earmarked for segregating the essential and the wasteful expenses. It browses through all your subscriptions and cancels out the one which is unnecessary or not in use.  It sets up a negotiation for the bills which comes up from your expenses. For recommendation, it puts forward to you some valuable credit card options which would be a vital fit as per your budget and expenditures.

  • Qapital :

Qapital is one of the best budget app on the market. Purposely emphasized on savings which the majority fail to accumulate. It allows you to set savings and budget goals and through frequent notifications makes you achieve it. It rewards you when you spend under budget by compromising a few expenditures. Also, penalizes you if you spend over budget by putting a few pennies into your savings account.

  • Mint:

No one wants to pay the extra money for the late payment of bills. This app helps you in saving those bucks. It prepares you to pay your bills on time. Apart from that, it helps you in categorizing you budget expense into savings, mutual funds, emergency funds, retirement schemes, medical schemes, children’s plans, holiday expenses etc.

  • Mvelopes:

Financial freedom comes not just from large paychecks but from money management. On the basis of your monthly income, this serves as one of the best money saving apps by setting up a monthly financial plan for you. It manages your spending by eliminating some hidden spendings as well. Mvelopes provides an assistance through their financial coaching, budgeting courses and education on money management. Mvelopes also provides you with tools to pump up the savings and eliminate the debts.

  • Good Budget:

It the simplest and effective application based on the concept of envelopes. For all the categories you have in your expenses, you are allowed to make such envelopes and put the necessary fillings whenever possible. It also allows linking your spouse’s account so that you can plan out to buy something for your family or friends.

Effective marketing scheme has deepened their roots in various internet platforms. Human psychology is the over which the theory of product marketing and advertisement is developed.  These marketing and advertisements are so effective that people feel can’t resist losing their pockets. Whenever you browse through the internet, an ad pops up everytime and tries to entice you and ultimately you end up in buying something or plan out to buy a product. In such situations, these are the best money saving apps which serve as a boon to regulate the cash flow from the pocket.

The greater the pocket size is, the more are the chance to fall for the advertisements and eventually we forget about our needs and rush into our wants. These apps help us in realizing this difference between ‘needs’ and ‘wants’ and lets us figure out an effective way to handle our finances and keeps the things under budget.

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