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7 Inexpensive Ways to Save Money on Heating Bills

7 Inexpensive Ways to Save Money on Heating Bills

Rich or poor, anyone could find a little frugality in their lives. No wants to waste financial resources on heating bills when there are more fun and beneficial ways to spend money. Remember your grandmother? That day she insistent on putting on a warm sweater instead of switching on the heater. Well, you can learn a few effective tips about how your frugal ancestors lived and modify those ways to fit modern life while saving money on your monthly heating bills. Here’s how.

1. Decorate your home for warm

When it’s chilly outside, nothing will keep your money in the bank that interior that’s blinged out in somewhat warm accessories. For instance, you can put rugs on the floors, flannel bedding on your bed, have warm blankets on your sofa, and insulated curtains on your windows. This way, you don’t need to keep the heating system running for hours.

2. Turn down the thermostat

Have you ever realized that a few degrees cooler when you are away from home asleep could bring a significant difference in your overall heating bills? This doesn’t require any sacrifice or staying in an extremely cold home. It’s best to install a programmable thermostat. The device will make all the necessary adjustments for you.

3. Bleed your radiators

This sounds like a daunting task for most homeowners. However, it’s simpler than you think and can keep your home warmer. One of knowing if your radiators require bleeding is to check the temperature at the top and bottom. If you realize that the top part is colder than the bottom section, bleeding is necessary.

To bleed the radiators, turn off the heater and prepare the bleed key and a piece of cloth. Then turn the valve at the top section of the radiator anticlockwise until it produces a hissing sound. This is just air, so don’t panic. Wipe any water that drips using a piece of cloth and once the water begins to flow, it’s time to tighten the valve.

4. Add a zoning system to your home

One of the effective ways to save money on heating bills is by adding a zoning system to your property. The system allows you to vary temperature levels throughout the house by installing individual thermostats for each section.

Instead of heating or cooling the entire home at once, a zoning system heats each section separately. That means you no longer need to waste energy on rooms that are rarely used. Also, the zoning system can be implemented as an upgrade to your current equipment or installed as an integral part of a new HVAC system. Setting up a zoning system is costly, depending on the size of your house. However, the long-term benefits of a zoning system outweigh the initial costs.

5. Fix leaks in your home

If you are not a DIY enthusiast and you discover leaky pipes and other issues that need attention, it’s time to call a plumber. Faulty faucets, leaking toilets, and worn out pipes waste a lot of water and make your home damp. When not addressed on time, water leaks can cause damage to the attic, walls, floor, and more. Besides, your house will require frequent heating for a long period. Therefore, fixing water leaks in your home can help cut heating bills.

6. Keep your home insulated

Studies show that a quarter of the amount of heat in a home is lost via the roof. Before the winter creeps on your property, make sure you have high-quality insulation in your walls and loft as this will keep the heat you are paying for within your home. Though it sounds expensive, insulating your home his associated with more benefits than costs.

7. It is time to toss that old unit aside

Sure, breakups are never an easy affair. However, if you have been using your current piece of equipment for decades, it is time to end that relationship. Get a new, more efficient heating unit installed. It will cost you money, but you will thank the new unit for significant savings on the heating budget.

Keeping your house warm during the cold weather shouldn’t leave you broke. Implement the tips shared here to stay warm without emptying your bank accounts.

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