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Airport Hacks Which Will Help You Save Your Dollars for Your Next Trip

Airport Hacks Which Will Help You Save Your Dollars for Your Next Trip

If you’re an ardent traveler, it is worthy to know the tricks of the trade so that you could possibly save a few hundreds of dollars for your next trip. Whenever you hear the term ‘airport hacks’, you may think that it is something illegal. Starting from secret ways in which you can grab cheap flights to apps which can provide you with free access to international calls without Wifi, there are many airport hacks or travel hacks that you should know of, especially if you travel a lot. Let’s take a look at some of them.

  • Grab cheaper parking rates before you move to the airport

If you do a little bit of research about the parking lots around the airport, this could make a lot of difference on the costs that you have to pay. You won’t have to pay $33 per day at the JFK International Airport parking and instead of that you can pay less than one-third of the rate through discount park and ride websites which are designed to help you get better rates.

  • Get yourself travel-sized items before time to avoid worrying on TSA rules

You can search for ‘travel’ on a site like Ulta and reveal products like properly sized toiletries which you may not have to throw away or pour out at the TSA checkpoint. In case you’re carrying a carry-on bag with you, you may even pack them there.

  • Move into the club lounge’s family to use Wi-fi

If you’re some who travels often with children and who prefer arriving at the airport early, the family rooms that are there within lounges can be worth waiting in. Your mom and dad can even take a glass of wine and sip and the entire family can munch on goodies and watch TV.

  • Carry newest items which makes travel easier

These days, manufacturers usually offer new products to help the travelers in lightening their load. It may be a latest strap with which you can attach your car seat to the luggage or better and enhanced folding hair dryers so that you don’t need to overpack, make sure you keep up with modern gadgets.

  • Opt for global entry to grab fast international travel

Utilize the Global Entry Program while you travel internationally so that you can go through fast clearance while on your way back to America.

  • Look for the best seats on the plane before you opt for the flight

Are you a person who prefers legroom or you love to sit near a power outlet? Some planes do have such seat and USB ports. You can check a website called Seat Guru to choose your best spots before you book your flight as this can even save your dollars.

  • Carry booze in your carry-on bags

It is surprising though that the TSA allows alcoholic beverages to be brought on flights. However the only rule is that you can’t drink while on the plane. So you might have to wait till you land.

Therefore, unless you know such airport hacks, it is almost impossible to save money on your next trip. Keep following them every time you fly so that you can keep saving money.

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