Be a Successful Leader of Virtual Teams – Tips to Manage Things Virtually

Be a Successful Leader of Virtual Teams – Tips to Manage Things Virtually

Are you someone who has been given the responsibility of managing multiple virtual teams? If yes, you needn’t fret as you’re not alone. As per recent reports, 84% of the executives plan to boost the number of intermittent employees throughout the course of the next 3 years. Though it is true that virtual teams can become a challenge as one requires creating the entire corporate culture virtually, yet it is not something impossible.

Here are few tips and strategies that you can use in order to create a remote corporate culture and also successfully lead such a virtual team with expertise and ease.

  1. Define the systems for work

You can’t deny the fact that different people usually have different ways in which they can go about with their tasks. When you set standards, this reduces the time that you take to achieve any desired goal. When you can set standards, the team will have less question and they get a feeling of how long a specific task should take. Hence, these work systems should be standardized to allow necessary freedom.

  1. Set up multiple tools for communication

The benefits of establishing several tools for communication are many. Firstly, your corporate team gets a way of communicating something which is urgent and secondly it can unify the process like which to use for screen recordings, conference calls and so on. This creates that internal feeling of togetherness.

  1. Regular meetings should be scheduled

If you can schedule the briefings on the same day in a week, this plays a role in creating a routine. The routines usually offer the team with something to which they aren’t acquainted with. This puts the team to ease and also reduces the stress. To be even more sure, you can use video calls to enhance efficiency as they create an office feeling even within remote teams where no one knows each other.

  1. Work hours should overlap

Irrespective of the time zones on which your team members are working, it is recommended that you have at least 3-4 hours a day where the entire team remains online together. Although there will be few members who won’t need each other for their tasks, but remaining online will bring the team closer. This also offers the best problem solving solution to the team.

  1. Create an environment which is professional

When you can provide professional attire and an environment which is free from distraction, this can become a part of the total corporate culture. When you set professional standards, this will contribute to having the right mindset and also helps you in being the most efficient as is possible.

  1. Hire the right people

Remember that everyone won’t be able to fit into the remote working environment and everyone won’t fit into a virtual team. Hence you should take the best step forward to hire the right people who can fit into the team.

Therefore, if you’re someone who is eager to lead a virtual team, you should definitely keep in mind the above mentioned strategies.

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