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Clear Mind, Busy Office: Boosting Office Productivity Through Unique Methods

Clear Mind, Busy Office: Boosting Office Productivity Through Unique Methods

Have you ever looked around your office and experienced the feeling of being overwhelmed? Well, it could be because there is too much clutter and chaos in your office! Studies have shown that a cluttered and disorganized office lowers productivity and employee morale. Thus, if you want to boost your office productivity and employee morale, you need to find ways to organize your office!

It doesn’t have to be huge, complicated, or even expensive methods. It could be something as small as adding some plants or even ordering blank envelopes compatible with office printers.

Here’s a quick guide on how you can organize your office and make it a place that promotes positive employee interactions and high efficiency.

1.  Go as Green as Possible

There are several ways that you can make your office green and eco-friendly. One of the easiest ways is to add a splash of color and life around your office by putting in some plants! Countless studies have shown that putting live plants in your office can boost employee happiness and satisfaction, and even lessen sick days. However, you should also take into consideration the level of care and space you need for these plants.

Another great way to go green is to allow as much fresh air and natural lighting to come into your office as possible. Invest in large windows that allow sunlight to come in! Natural sunlight increases the body’s production of endorphins, and it will dramatically lessen your electricity consumption as well.

Finally, you can put small incentives in place for employees who bring in their own meals from home and those who use reusable items such as lunch bags and metal straws, as opposed to ordering in or getting items delivered to your office.

2.  Stimulate the Right Part of the Brain

According to many studies, the right part of the brain is responsible for creativity, imagination, and self-expression. Allowing your employees to stimulate their creative side at work allows them to feel happier and more relaxed, which translates to higher levels of productivity.

You can simulate the right side of the brain by putting on office music, or by allowing your employees to play video games or color during the break time. If video games aren’t an option, why not set up a quick trivia game in the break room with a box of donuts as the main prize?

3.  Have a “Quiet Space”

While most offices have an employee break room, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a place where employees can have a quiet moment for themselves. If you have the space for it, set aside a small space in your office where your employees can have “quiet time” for themselves. This period can allow your employees to truly relax and recharge themselves, and become more productive when they get back to their desks.

Of course, encouraging “quiet time” means that you will also have to trust your employees to be able to manage their own working time properly.

4.  Make Office Supply Utilization Seamless

Yes, even something as small as the type of office supplies that you use can have a huge impact on your employees! Make sure that all your office supplies are geared towards being utilized in the most efficient and easiest ways possible.

If you have office envelopes, for example, make sure that the type of paper is compatible with the office printers that you have. Otherwise, employees might need to take time out of their day to purchase a new type of ink. If you use envelopes to send out packages, make sure that you have all the right sizes that you need for your products.

5.  Prioritize Movement and Exercise

By now, you might have already heard of the “no desk” movement that many companies are already doing. Studies have shown that sitting down at a desk for too long can be detrimental to an employee’s health, which is why there are various types of alternative working spaces out there!

If you have the budget, why not try a treadmill or bicycle desk, or even a Varidesk (a type of desk that automatically moves up and down to signal if an employee has been stationary for too long). However, these types of desks can be quite expensive.

If you don’t have the budget for alternative desks, you can create a quick exercise schedule for your office. Even a quick 5-10 minute stretching and standing exercise routine can promote better blood and oxygen circulation and reduce tension in your employees.

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