Can You Really Make Money Online?

Can You Really Make Money Online?

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks”…. Mark Twain

Getting Started; How Much Money Can You Earn?–Set Your Goals

Everyone knows the director’s cues, “lights, camera, action,” that signal the actors to begin a scene from the movie.

The quote is not, “lights, camera, and inaction.  Yet, there are many who want to earn money who thinks they are making major progress toward their goal, when they have not done anything.

Day after day; they read an article, write down a fuzzy plan, or make a phone call to sign up for something that will help them.  These are all steps.  But, they are baby steps.  Time is passing.

How do I know?  I experienced these setbacks.  I set lofty goals.  I was going to earn more money than… / I would…  But, I would do one or two things a day.  If not for an awakening, I could have been one of the many who had dreams, but gave up on them before I ever got going.

Your Investment to Start Earning Money–Research

Is your goal to start earning money on the internet?  Mine is.  Do you know what I learned?  There are more opportunities to earn money than ever before.  But, there are more people chasing those opportunities.  There are tons of people who got started…and failed.

“AHA!!!  There you have it!  I should not start because so many others have failed.  The odds are stacked against

Are your online difficulties an impassable brick wall? 

Me!”  I am certain that many of you have thoughts similar to that.  But, your mindset should be, what can I do to prevent failure?  How can I avoid throwing my time and money down the drain with some ill-advised plan?

The answer; research. Not like the research I was doing in the beginning.  Don’t do one or two things that take 5 or 10 minutes and call it a day.  What I am talking about is major research.

Do as much research every day as you would spend operating your online business if you were earning money.  In other words, invest all the time you can into your research.  Here are some research options:

  1. Join a forum. I am a member of the Warrior forum.  On that forum, you will find many very successful people sharing their information.  You will also notice that there are even more people who are getting started and sifting through the valuable information that can be found there.  Join them!  You will never regret it!
  1. Start social media accounts.  Consider Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Make a few posts every day.  Meet people…shooting out a series of posts will accomplish nothing.  If others have good information; share it!  Your goal is to make positive contacts.  You may even find a business partner.  Nothing will attract someone’s attention like sharing information about their 1 project! 
  1. Answer a question or two in YahooAnswers. Then ask a question.  You will find experts falling all over themselves to share information with you.
  1. Are you starting to find your niche?Google it and visit blogs in your niche.  Do you want to know what I discovered?  Most bloggers are experts.  And…they have to earn money.  They need to get people on their mailing list–most of the business is done by emailing their prospects information along with business offers.  What is valuable to you that cost them nothing?  … An eBook, filled with valuable information for you to research.
  1. You do not need to purchase anything–but, you may want to. In other words–read a relevant blog, leave a positive comment, and collect the free eBook that many blogs offer in exchange for getting on their mailing list.  You will get tons of valuable information both from the blog and the eBook.

Hurdles–Don’t Let Them Stop You from Earning Money! Keep Striving toward Your Goals

So, you want to earn more money online than you have ever earned in your life?   Here is an awakening; there will be difficulties (hurdles) along the way.

You will encounter one seemingly unfixable problem and then another–until you want to scream!  But please remember this; it is not unfixable, anything can be fixed!  There is no brick wall that will prevent you from earning money online.

You may think, “I might as well take a break until I can ask someone who can help.  Oh, he/she is busy and can help me next week–I will wait until I have the answer, then I can start again.”  I did, and it delayed my progress for weeks and months.

Don’t follow my example!!!  I promise…this is what I do now, and what you should do when you encounter a hurdle which seems to be a brick wall;

Ask yourself these two questions;

  1. What is the best way of fixing this problem?
  2. What can I do to best help my business in the meantime?

Don’t stop, just continue!

Starting an online business is not easy.  But, there are many resources to help you get going, so invest your time doing as much research as you can; until you are ready to get started.

Even as you encounter difficulties, you want to keep going.  Your goal is to start as quickly as possible, yet be prepared through your research to deal with difficulties that will arise.  You can do both by doing through research in a limited time frame and then…get started.

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