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Can’t Afford to Pay Your Loan? Here Is Everything You Need to Know About It

Can’t Afford to Pay Your Loan? Here Is Everything You Need to Know About It

Are you finding it hard to repay the monthly installment loan you took from your lender?

Are you looking for different ways to pay your EMIs?

Are you feeling scared about your current financial situation?

Well, you don’t need to worry about your current situation because there are multiple ways you can bypass this hurdle and effectively repay your loan.

There can be situations where you find it hard to keep up with your loan EMIs, and it can act as a heavy burden on your shoulders if you don’t know alternative ways to manage and repay your loan.

It’s better to take action sooner than later because you might fall into big trouble if you are unable to pay the remaining loan repayment to your lender.

But what are the different ways to repay the loan?

How can you get relief from your financial hiccup with your loan repayment?

That’s what you are going to learn from this article. We have stated the best tips and tactics to repay your loans even if you find it hard with the repayment procedure.

So without further ado, let’s get the financial learning started.

Use Your Emergency Funds

One of the primary reasons you cannot repay your loan is directly linked with your income or increased expenses. You can use your savings amount or emergency funds to repay your loan EMIs for a certain time and simultaneously work to bring back income stability.

It should be your first approach if you find it hard to repay your loans with your income sources. If you don’t have any savings or emergency funds left, then let’s look at other options you may opt for.

Raise funds against your assets

If your savings dry up and you cannot revive your flow of income, you can raise emergency funds by disposing of your assets like gold, investments, luxury goods, or any other assets you have.

It will help you to get the required funds to repay your loan and get some time to stabilize your financial situation.

But don’t rush into selling your assets without figuring out other ways of repaying your loans. 

Contact the lender

If you have a genuine reason for non-payment of your EMIs, like a serious health situation, loss of employment, or any short-term financial difficulty, you can get in touch with the lender and be crystal clear about your situation.

You can convince the lender to spare some time and understand the entire scenario. You can promise them that you’ll resume your EMIs soon once your financial situation stabilizes.

The short time duration of the grace period where you don’t need to pay the EMIs can assist you to escape the financial burden until you steady your cash flow.

There’s also an option for you to discuss restructuring the loan with your lender.

Restructuring your loan

You can restructure your loan, minimize the EMIs and increase the loan duration. It will ease the monthly financial burden off your shoulders and help you repay the loan.

But remember, the increase in your loan tenure depends upon your eligibility and your age. The lender will check all these criteria before giving the green light to restructure your loan terms.

Also, if you decide to extend your loan repayment tenure, it will increase your interest rates. You need to be wise while taking the restructuring option and be aware of all the outcomes of your decision.

If none of the tips work for your situation, there’s the last effective option you have.


You can refinance with lower interest rates and repay your existing loan. It will help you escape the burden of high-interest rates and save a lot of your hard-earned money.

Once you get approved for a new loan, you can increase the repayment period, and can also get time to stabilize your financial situation.

But, go through all the terms and conditions carefully and don’t fall into the same trap again. Refinancing should be the last alternative tool you choose for your loan repayment as the level of risk is on the higher side in this option against other alternatives.

These were some of the best tips you can use if you face issues with your loan repayment.

Apply these and see the transformational results.

Repay Your Loans With No Hiccups

Not repaying your loans can cause you a lot of troubles like a bad credit score, mental health troubles, financial troubles, and whatnot.

If you feel that it’s getting hard for you to repay your loan, try to find an alternative to the solution rather than worrying and getting frustrated about your situation.

We have shared all the best solutions with you, choose the most suitable for your situation and repay your loans with more effectiveness and lesser worries.

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