Car Hire with No Credit Checks

Car Hire with No Credit Checks

Credit ratings is a dangerous set of words, if you have a low credit rating it can ruin quite a lot of aspects of life. Getting a mortgage is impossible, renting a house is a struggle, even being able to get a mobile phone contract can be near to impossible at times, it truly can affect your way of living. Another thing regularly on people’s holiday agenda is to hire a car to get from A to B and have a good holiday experience whilst being able to explore the location they are traveling too with the ease of not having to deal with public transport, but it’s not that simple when you have a low credit score.

Hiring a car is a hard task even when you do have a decent credit rating, but when you don’t it can be near to impossible. This is down to the fact that car rental companies only ever accept the use of a credit card giving you little to no option and car hire can sometimes be essential especially if you are going on holiday or wanting to move house and unfortunately if you do have a bad credit you just won’t be able to hire a car which can in some cases be understandable.

All over the world the only method accepted is credit cards which is unfortunate and there’s no real way of getting around it, well until now that is. We can however help you find work arounds so you can enjoy your holiday the way you are meant too, a low credit rating can ruin a lot of things but surely it shouldn’t be allowed to ruin your holiday, the onetime where you are meant to relax and have fun.

There are solutions and alternatives, if you are with someone they can hire the car and add you as an additional driver as sometimes these can be free or cost very little and is a great work around way of doing it. If you are added as an additional driver you could just act as the main driver even though you haven’t made the payment to be, as long as the other person is in the car with you and you are the additional driver you can do all the driving you want. Some other alternatives include things like hiring a driver, take taxis or coaches or other public transport alternatives around, which isn’t at all ideal or possibly the best solution is to hire a car with a debit card as this is just as simple as hiring one with a credit card.

This solution means that you can pay for your car with your debit card without the company doing a credit check on you. Only some debit cards work however as for some reason rental companies only accept a few, however this is the best and most useful solution and with Indigo Car Hire this is a worldwide service so no matter where you go on holiday you can be assured that you will get a car to suite your needs.

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