Cost Effective Flights to London in Budget Airlines

Cost Effective Flights to London in Budget Airlines

In any foreign trip the cost of airfare is substantial. Traveling to London is also no different as you have upscale carriers and budget carriers operating service to London. Better planning and good research can get some good deals leading to substantial savings in airfare, if you fly by budget airlines, and the saved money can be used for other purposes during the travel.

Traveling to London has become easy as there are too many flights connecting this international city. According to some recent survey increasingly, travelers from London and UK are showing a preference to budget airlines thanks to the cost savings they offer.

London has the following airports

  • London Heathrow: World’s second busiest airport.
  • London Gatwick: London’s second biggest airport.
  • London Luton: Flights to Ireland, Scotland, Poland
  • London Stansted: Hub of budget carriers Ryanair and EasyJet
  • London City Airport: Catering to the financial district of London

Plan your Air Journey

So start planning your London trip in advance. Plan the possible dates and get travel offers from websites and their newsletters. Study the deals closely. While some websites charge a service fee combining flight segments from different airlines can make some good deals.

Tips for Saving on Airfare

Flying in and out of the same airport will not burden much as is less pricey than arriving at a different airport. Flying upscale airlines is not worth of short flights. Spend precious pennies at destination than on getting there. Budget airlines are no-frills airlines for a reason. For luxury try Air France or British Airways by forking out more than the equivalent of a night out in a London pub.

Tips for avoiding budget airline fees

  • Travel with carry-on only
  • Print your boarding passes
  • Check-in online
  • Bring your own snacks
  • Don’t buy Priority boarding
  • Paying with a debit card whenever possible

Airport Transfer

Some budget airlines will not fly to biggest airports because it would be expensive for them. So it will warrant a two-hour bus ride to the city from suburban airport and that may incur additional cost. This distance can significantly increase the cost and decrease the efficiency of the chosen flight.

Try More Airlines

Budget airlines in contrast to regular airlines do not have fidelity programs. So there is no point in sticking to one airline. If cost is the most important factor make sure to use flight comparison tools like Sky scanner and arrive at the best possible deal.

Pros & Cons

What you may dislike about budget airlines is the flight schedule. More often than not, flights will be either early or late implying that you may have to sleep at the airport. But the low price of the ticket will make up for all these small woes.

Where to Stay?

When you are in London, make sure that your accommodation is cost effective and comfortable. There is no need to splurge money in expensive hotels as the option is open for staying at well furnished Short Let Apartments London accommodations like serviced apartments.

Just as you are saving money by flying in budget airlines, in the same fashion you can make similar gains at the accommodation front if you make a decision to stay at short let London accommodation.

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