Demands of Part-Time Jobs on the Rise Since Last Year

Demands of Part-Time Jobs on the Rise Since Last Year

People who say that there are no jobs available in America are wrong. The scenario has changed greatly from the past years, post the great recession. The job market in the country is showing good improvements in 2013. Along with permanent jobs, demands of temporary and part-time jobs are really high in the country. When reports were compared and data analyzed, it was found that people adopted part-time and temporary jobs almost three times more when compared to permanent and full-time jobs. The data has been collected and analyzed by the Labor Department of the country. Interestingly, just the opposite thing happened last year when the numbers of full-time jobs surged way higher than temporary and part-time jobs.

Some reasons for the surge in part-time jobs in America:

  • Less headcounts for Obama care rules – Reports have proved that almost 2.7 million people have been hired for different kinds of part-time and temporary jobs in July 2013. Many companies are choosing to hire part-time employees rather than permanent employees for various reasons. One of the most important ones among them is the Obama care rule. Companies that have headcounts of 50 permanent people will come under the rule and will be subject to payroll tax hike, health insurance for employees and many other economical rules and regulations.
  • Flexibility in the job and less responsibility of the company – There are various reasons as why part-time jobs are becoming so very popular in the USA as well as globally. Many people have opined that these jobs come with lots of flexibility and convenience. Though the market of full-time jobs has developed really well in the past few years, but still 30.1% of people want to do part-time jobs than being engaged in a full-time job. For the company which is hiring employees, there is less headache and responsibility. They have to pay low wages to part-time employees when compared to full-time employees.
  • Demands of flexible workers in different industries – Sarah Watt, an eminent economist with Wells Fargo Securities has brought forward a new picture in front of us regarding part time and temporary jobs. According to Watt, there was a time when such recruitment were restricted to specific industries like manufacturing or regular office work. But now the demands of part-time workers are high in many industries including the information technology and engineering industry. There was a time when a company had to send its employees to a particular destination for completing a particular work. Now, for such requirements the job is outsourced to an agency and they hire workers on part-time basis to get the job done. The costing of the company is reduced by quite a great deal in this.

Moreover, many companies now take temporary projects in hand so that they can have flexibility in working. And for this, there is no better option than hiring part-time employees. Such employees try and complete the work in the least possible time so that they can do more jobs. So, higher productivity is achieved at low costs.

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