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Don’t Have Your Employees Talking Smack on Slack

Don’t Have Your Employees Talking Smack on Slack, innovator of customized and curated promotional products, today announced its first annual Holiday Swag Guide 2018, outlining top products for employees and corporate gifts this holiday season. Quality is king in the $40 billion promotional products industry. The products selected are category leaders in their niches.
“ is extremely curated,” said Jeremy Parker, Co-founder and CEO of “Over 95 percent of the products we test do not make the cut. The products listed below have the seal of approval and make great gifts for your employees, partners and customers this holiday season and will help inform your organization’s 2019 promotional products marketing plan.”
Here are’s top holiday products for 2018:
  • Custom Knit Beanie – Not just for Hipsters anymore, a beanie is a functional stylish way to lock in the heat all through the season with a colorful high-quality beanie that fits perfectly on everyone.
  • Custom Socks –Everyone needs them yet we all forget to give them. Recipients will be thrilled to be able to put off laundry for another day.
  • Custom Mug – An oldie, but goodie: a mug is one of the most useful gifts to date.
  • Bluetooth Speakers – Greedo Bluetooth Speakers have exceptional sound with aluminum casing so your gift recipient can rock out to every beat.
  • Stickers – Personalization continues to be on trend every year. Stick ‘em on your desk, your computer, your iPad and show off something about yourself.
  • Bellroy Backpack – The Mercedes of backpacks. Hip and compact, this backpack is the perfect way to commute to and from your work, especially in urban environments.
  • North Face Jacket – Known for its high-quality durabilityNorth Face products block the wind and cold every season.
  • Custom Tees – Who doesn’t love a soft, high quality tee shirt? Especially if it’s creative with a good quality and cut that showcases your place of employment or a favorite brand.
  • Hydro Flask Water Bottle – In addition to helping your employees or partners get their 8-12 oz. of water in a day, Hydro Flask bottles keep smoothies cold and soup warm for hours on end.
“We believe that when your product is premium, your brand is premium,” continued Parker. “Our goal is to leverage the very best products out there to make an impact for your brand and cultivate employee and customer loyalty.”
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