Drive Safe and Save Money

Drive Safe and Save Money

It is not only good to drive safely so that you avoid any accidents, but also consider the fact that safe driving means that you can actually save some money. First of all, the less accidents and bumps with the law you have, the more you can save because your insurance premium is not going to cost you so much.

Besides car insurances, you can also save money on how much gas you use or whether you need to visit the service frequently. Little things can go a long way because in the long run all the extra you do not spend can add up.

Less weight – less problems

The more weight you have in your car, the more power your car has to produce to move around. It was shown that around 100 pounds could increase mile-per-gallon usage by about 2%. It is better to empty out the trunk and avoid any roof racks if it is possible. By lowering the aerodynamics of the car, you will create more wind resistance, which leads to more fuel being consumed.

Even the junk around in your car can seriously influence the overall weight, this is why it is important to keep your car tidy and cleaned regularly.

A lot of hot air

Keeping all those small details in check can be tedious, but if you keep everything up to date and up to regulation than you can be sure that you will avoid any unnecessary tickets, which can cost a pretty penny. Moreover, if your driving is suspicious than be prepared to be pulled over frequently.

Remember to keep the tires inflated as well; friction and less grip can be a murder on your engine and how much fuel you use.

Avoid aggressive driving

Nobody likes to be cut off or left behind like some snail, but that is no reason for you to start driving aggressively. Moreover, if that is not enough reason, consider the fact that every aggressive outburst will eat up additional gas and burn a bigger hole in your pocket. While driving like a madman, the only thing you will win is an ever emptier fuel tank.

Avoid taking corners sharply or running lights, rather, try to get a perfect driving rhythm. You and your car as well will appreciate the leveled driving. In the long run, you will use less fuel; you will have to visit the service less if you take good care of your car and ultimately your car will last longer.

Fuel efficiency

The mostly debated question of whether it is better to have the air conditioner on to have the windows rolled down is still an agenda without a proper answer. Results have shown that under 55mp/h it is better to have the windows rolled down, the air conditioner would eat up more fuel. Although, consider rolling the windows down even at higher speeds as saving fuel inevitably means that you also save a little bit of money.

Another thing you should be careful if you have the air conditioner on is to not stand somewhere idling your engine. It will only gobble up precious fuel and you just might run out of it in the middle of nowhere.

If you truly wish to account for how much fuel you use up during a journey, make sure to plan out your trips. This way you will know exactly where you are going and how much many necessary stops you will have to make. Furthermore, because you will know the road ahead of you, it means that you can work out an optimal speed for traveling. Not to mention that you can avoid the early morning or afternoon rushes.

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