Few Time-wasters you should be Aware of as a New Entrepreneur

Few Time-wasters you should be Aware of as a New Entrepreneur

It indeed requires lot of time and effort to become a new entrepreneur and this stress doubles when you actually end up coming to terms with the fact that there is very little time in a day. The kind of responsibilities and tasks that you have to handle now will not be similar to ever before. Just because you’re someone who’s starting new into the field of entrepreneurship, you will tend to outreach your goals by working for long extended hours, sometimes even during weekends to get things done at the right time.

Regardless of whether you’re excited about taking this stress or not, you will soon find that your efforts have to fit in with the responsibilities that you have. In order to become a successful entrepreneur, you will require managing your time so well that you can handle different things with enough skill. Let’s check out the most common ways in which new entrepreneurs tend to waste time.

1: Spontaneity of multiple jobs

When you enter the office, are you actually aware of what exactly you’re going to perform, how and when or you just flow with the way tasks keep coming in? When you’re a new entrepreneur, you may be pulled by your employees, partners, vendors so much so that you will soon find yourself tied in multiple directions. This is indeed challenging. This happens because you don’t plan your day before time due to which you lose sight of your priorities. So, make sure you take out 15 minutes of your day to determine your priorities and chalk out how to fulfill them.

2: Management of numerous e-mails

Communication is yet another periphery where it is easy to get tied up instead of being able to achieve things on time. This is truer when you’re handling correspondence along with several sales prospects. When your email remains opened throughout the day, you will not be able to concentrate on tasks because every now and then there will be a message that arrives in your mail box. Instead of handling all these at the same time, you should try and consolidate your communication during a stipulated ‘communication hours’ through the entire day. This can help you steer clear from distraction.

3: Authorization of tasks

It is true that new entrepreneurs are very interested about their ideas and their work and consequentially they tend to not prefer the idea of someone else doing that work on their behalf. This is why they don’t prefer assigning tasks to their team members. Nevertheless, once you gain experience, you start to know how vital it can be to spend more working hours in performing something that you’re best at. The other jobs can be easily handled by other employees. However, make sure you hire people who are trustworthy.

4: Scheduling of unnecessary meetings

Yes, it may be true that meetings are extremely helpful but they are also infamous for wasting some precious work hours which is not always necessary. Employees are often invited to meetings which can be done without and there are also times when other staff members could go instead of you attending them. Moreover, there are some lengthy meetings which last for more than an hour which can rather be shortened to half-an-hour or even less than that.

5: Vagueness and uncertainty

There are few processes and infrastructures which your startup firm utilizes that will be planned and written down and there is greater likelihood in the first year of your business when you will be subject to situations which you are not accountable for. Being a new entrepreneur, you will always require time to imagine about every single variable, the roles that you require playing and the responsibilities that you require taking. This results to vagueness and ambiguity. Try documenting as many procedures as possible to get rid of this uncertainty with time.

So, as we see, there can be nothing which can be termed as a perfect entrepreneur day when productivity will remain well-nigh perfect! Regardless of how much you control things, you will always have things left that need to be done. To fight this challenge, it is important to watch out for a way in which you can deal with the stress and accept all that’s taking place.

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