Frugal Family: Ways to Save on Items of the Bathroom

Frugal Family: Ways to Save on Items of the Bathroom

Whether you live in a large home with multiple bathrooms, or a place that has only a single bathroom to share with the entire family, every bathroom gets a lot of use. Families also tend to spend a lot of money on products used in the bathroom. A frugal family, however, can save a lot of money by shopping smart, and conserving product.

Conserve Skincare Products

Anyone in your home over the age of 10 should be using some form of skincare. These products can cost a lot of money, but they help you save face, literally. To conserve skincare products, avoid using cotton balls, or other overly absorbent products as applicators. Flat applicator pads or product-specific applicators will reduce waste and save you money.

Recycle Empty Cosmetic Containers

Several cosmetic companies now provide recycling services. Many of these companies reward loyal customers with free products when you return empty product containers for recycling. This is a great way to get free tubes of your favorite lipstick, or try new products from your favorite cosmetics companies.

Buy Toilet Paper in Bulk

Families tend to use a lot of toilet paper, and this is one essential you just don’t want to run out of. Buying it in bulk can help families save as much as 50 percent on the cost. Don’t be afraid to spend on more, because it can save more in the long run.

Save Money on Dental Hygiene

Even the youngest family members need to brush and floss regularly for good dental hygiene and overall health. Little ones can easily get carried away and squeeze too much toothpaste on a brush. A grownup should apply toothpaste until children have developed the motor control to avoid wasteful over applications. Also, use those toothbrushes your dentist gives out at semi-annual checkups. When you need to purchase a toothbrush, find an affordable toothbrush with soft or medium bristles. More expensive models don’t really make much difference in oral care.

Join a Customer-Loyalty Program

Several places that sell hair products, skincare, and other items you use in the bathroom offer customer-loyalty programs. This is a great way to save on all the different products that help you stay looking beautiful.

Every frugal family works hard to find ways to save money. Fortunately, for nearly every item you need to purchase, there is a way to save. By paying attention to the things your family uses in the bathroom, eliminating waste and purchasing products on sale, you can stretch your budget.

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