Growing A Successful Business and Making Money

Growing A Successful Business and Making Money

Owners that actually make money from their businesses share certain characteristics. They are well-organized, goal-focused, and understand the market and their competition. Running a business that makes money is not as easy as it appears but these tips can help you establish a business that makes money instead of losing money.


Step one in business is to get organized before you start anything. Be task oriented and use lists to help you stay in control of all the things that are essential activities necessary for your business to survive.

Accounting and Record-Keeping

A detailed, accurate accounting system is crucial to understand how the business is doing financially and to plan for the future. Accurate records provide the information and the time to develop strategies to overcome any obstacles affecting the growth of your business. Accurate records also provide insights into consumer trends and what advertising produces the best results.

Know Your Competition

Study and learn from your competitors. Look for opportunities to capitalize on areas where your competitors are falling short and do not be afraid to adopt competitor strategies that can help your business make more money.

Risk and Reward

One of the most important principles for business success is the ability to take calculated risks that can help your business grow. To help you evaluate risks it is important to understand the downside of your decision. If you can verbalize the downside, or the worst-case scenario, then you can realistically determine if the risk is survivable, how you can remediate the risk, and if the risk is worth the potential reward.


It is especially important to focus on short and long term goals when you open a business. Most businesses do not make money in the beginning but sticking to your business plan and focusing on your business goals will move you closer to profitability faster.


In order for a business to make money you must keep doing all of the necessary functions consistently every day. You cannot do things differently and expect the same results. Consistency is especially important to your customers. They rely on a consistent flow of goods with a consistent level of quality.

Customer Service

A business depends on their customers to survive and thrive. Successful businesses learn early that investing in providing great service to their customers returns the greatest dividends. Studies confirm that most customers will return time and again if they are treated right and provided with service they cannot find at a competitor even if prices are a bit higher.


Engage your employees and always be on the look out for new and creative ways to improve and grow your business. Never adopt an “I know it all” attitude. Be open to all new ideas. Use your staff, friends and competitors to help you think “out of the box”. Openness to new ideas and creativity can go a long way to creating your competitive edge.


As a business owner you must be prepared to make sacrifices if you want to open and maintain a successful business that makes money. It may mean spending more time on the business than you expected and less time with family, or it can mean investing more money than you expected. Expect the unexpected and plan to spend more time on the business than you would working for someone else.


Running a successful, money-making business is rewarding but very challenging.

Success happens over time and it demands a lot of personal discipline, focus, perseverance and commitment.

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