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Helpful Apps For Ambitious Accounting Students

Helpful Apps For Ambitious Accounting Students

Accounting is one of the most ambitious qualifications to pursue. While many people think of accounting as simple work, in reality, it is serious and complicated requiring a lot of time and work to stay up to date with regulations in the industry as well as governmental regulations and requirements. As a student, there is so much to do and prepare for in accounting careers and it can often feel overwhelming for several understandable reasons. However, the decision to pursue an education in accounting is an extremely promising one as the industry hosts several alluring opportunities for qualified professionals. 

As job security and a high median salary are among a couple of factors you can look forward to, focusing on furthering your education can be eased with a few innovative apps for accounting students. While technology has basically infiltrated every element of our daily lives, it should be expected that incredible apps are always available to make studying and learning a simplified effort. Here are a few apps to help you on your journey.

Student Accountant

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) have a really useful app designed for students of accounting. It provides exam advice and updates, helpful career-related features, interviews with employers and ACCA members, industry news and more. A must-have for students in this field and it can be found easily on the iStore, Google Play, and Amazon. What’s more, student accountant is completely free to download and use, so it would be worth your while to navigate the app and discover how it can help you on your path to success.

Becker’s CPA Exam Review

Students preparing for the CPA exam will find this app invaluable. Becker’s has a long history of being the most comprehensive study guide for the CPA with hundreds of hours of course lectures, thousands of quizzes and flashcards, simulations, practise tests, interactive study planner, the list goes on and on. While the app is free to download you will need to pay for the course. Luckily they have many different packages on offer which will be sure to cater to any type of accounting student. 

Accounting Calculator (by Yuki Muramatsu)

This very simple, unassuming app comes highly recommended for aspiring accountants. It has functions you cannot find on the usual calculator apps and makes the solving of complex tasks that much simpler. Rather than assume a usual scientific calculator will be enough to get your through your student life, it would be wise to navigate the functions on this calculator and take advantage of the innovation.

CurrencyGo: Currency Converter

Students of international accounting will find this app indispensable. Available on the iStore it has the most up to date conversion data on the go. You’ll also be able to see the data source so you’ll be able to reference where you got your information, whether you’re in class or working on written projects. 

Finance Formula (by Gadget Guru) 

Whether you’re working with public finance, corporate finance, or personal finance, this app contains every formula you could possibly need. With over forty categories to explore you’ll be sure to find what you need no matter what kind of formula it may be. Available on Google Play Store. 

IFRS for You (by Universal Software Solutions)

Another great app for students working with international accounting, this app provides International Financial reporting standards as well as other information. The app is updated fairly regularly and is reported to be very useful for both students and professionals alike. It can be found on Google Play store for free. 

Financial Dictionary by Farlex

An amazing app that is a must-have for any accounting student. This app contains over 20000 terms which are searchable through advanced means. The definitions provided are in-depth, clear, and comprehensive and can be bookmarked for later reference. You can also share them to social media platforms or via email. The best thing about this app is that it’s 100% free, no hidden costs.

Taking Advantage Of Technology

Rather than assume countless accounting students before your generation has made it through course work without innovative technologies, it would be wise to consider just how much these apps can benefit your progress and understanding. Technology offers exceptional innovation for most industries of work, which is why you should take advantage where possible to be able to keep up to date with the functions of businesses as most businesses will be applying technological advances to promote simplicity and streamline business functions. Therefore, using apps now means you will find innovative software easier to use when you land your dream job in accounting.

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