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How Much is Vampire Energy Costing You

How Much is Vampire Energy Costing You

For most of us people, electronic devices are simple enough to understand. When you plug it in and power it on, it begins to use electricity. Once it’s powered down, the electricity consumption stops. In reality however, that is not the case. For electronic devices, energy sucking does not stop at merely turning them off, as keeping them plugged in allows them to continue draining energy.

This is known as vampire energy, and it accounts for an unnecessary amount of energy usage in homes everywhere. When it comes to vampire energy, there are a number of things to know, especially regarding how to put an end to it. By gaining a better understanding of this bizarre trait of electronics, homeowners everywhere can put money back into their pockets by playing a more active role in minimizing their bills each month.

Part of undoing that is understanding what appliances in your home are contributing and how you can most effectively cut them off. In finding a solution to vampire energy, it is important to know that there are a number of ways to stop the drain of energy to powered down devices and many of them are simple.

And there is a lot to learn about vampire energy. The following is an infographic packed with the need-to-know details that should help you understand how to cut off your electronics before they run up your energy bill.  

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