How to Boost Office Productivity on a Budget

How to Boost Office Productivity on a Budget

Large financial investments are not the only way to achieve higher profits within a company. Sometimes it is much more efficient to use the most inexpensive method – increase employee productivity (through space design, investment in training, technology etc.). We’re here to suggest a few tips that can help you in boosting productivity for yourself and you hard-working employees.

Colours fit the mood

You have definitely felt comfortable in the ambience of some cafes or in someone’s living room. Have you ever wonder where those feelings originate from? One of the sources is definitely colour. Its influence cannot be ignored.

  • Red. If there is good reason for to speeding up the heartbeat of your employees, the red colour will help you with that. When you want to put a message in the foreground, use the red colour so the employees comprehend that message as the important one
  • Blue. Studies have shown that blue room enhance the learning ability of students and increase productivity among workers. Blue, unlike red, is slowing heart rate and reduces appetite, and is associated with a sense of confidence and reliability. Paint the office blue if you want to increase the concentration and productivity of your employees (and reduce their appetite).
  • Green. Green is associated with nature and life. One study showed that 95 percent of students at universities associated the colour green with positive emotions. If your staff are often nervous, decorating green might help them feel better. If your company is environmentally friendly, choosing a green colour for branding your offices is the right choice.

Plants and office greenery

Research has shown that setting up plants in the work environment increases worker productivity by 15%. Psychologists say that the workers’ concentration and their satisfaction in the working environment are increasing along with the air quality and purity. The green leaves absorb pollution, dust and toxins out of the air, thus making the space more healthy and breathable.

Researchers from the University of Cardiff analysed the offices of two large commercial firms in the UK and the Netherlands. After entering the plants, productivity increased by 15% within three months, according to results published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology.

Design functional workspaces

If you organize the work space properly, the job is half done. It is important to invest in appropriate furniture. Pieces of furniture such as a desk, pen bowls, cabinets, compartment for paper, are key to raise organization in your office on the higher level.

What will, definitely, contribute to the functionality of the office, and thus the productivity is enabling employees’ face-to-face communication, but also the much needed privacy while engaged in some important projects. Office partitions can help in making this possible. Their main advantage, besides contributing to maximizing the office functionality, is they are installed in a short time and won’t cost you as much as you might think.

Invest in technology

Make sure to update the computers, servers, tablets and other gadgets that your employees are working with. This way they will spend less time fixing bugs and other issues that are happening more often with the out-of-date technology, and more time working and being productive. Also, Internet speed is crucial for almost every profession these days. Faster Internet can increase productivity of your employees, because of faster loading and streaming.

Productivity will contribute to the success of your business. Use some of these inexpensive tricks and boost it up.

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