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How to Find the Best Personal Loan

How to Find the Best Personal Loan

When you need a personal loan, it makes sense to look for the best possible deal. After all, the banks are out there competing for your business, so why not take advantage of that fact. In this post, we will look at how you can find the best personal loan.

Apply in One Place

When you apply for a loan, the bank does a credit check to see what your payment history is like. If the bankers see a whole batch of inquiries, this might signal to them that you are an increased risk.

The way to get around this is to apply through an intermediary service website such as You will still undergo the credit checks, but they will all be done at the same time so will have less of an impact on your rating.

Know Your Credit Score

There are times when you need a personal loan in a hurry. During these times, knowing your credit score is not going to do you too much good. If, however, you can wait for the loan, it pays to find out what it is.

The better your credit score, the better the rate you will qualify when you borrow money. Improving your credit score can be done simply – pay your accounts on time and pay down some of your credit, and your score will start to increase.

Consider the Fees and Interest

When you apply, you will be given an idea of how much interest you will pay, and that is important. It is also important to check the fees that you will have to pay as well. Is there an initiation fee? An admin fee? A charge for settling it early?

Say, for example, there is a company that is offering you a loan at 1.5% while all the others are offering it at 3%. It seems like a deal that is too sweet to miss, but it is probably too good to be true.

In these cases, the lower interest rates are often offset by higher administration fees and stricter penalties for closing off your loan early.

Choose the Right Repayment Term

Your application will be assessed on the basis of risk to the company. The lower the risk you pose, the better the rate you qualify for.

A short-term loan with high repayments means that the company gets its money back faster and so they may be inclined to offer a better rate. Just make sure that you can truly afford the increased installments.

How is the Interest Calculated?

Some companies calculate the interest on the daily balance in the loan, and with these, you can save interest by paying your installment early every month.

A comparison website will enable you to put your details in just one time. The site then submits the details to various lending institutions, and you will receive quotes that you can compare with one another.

When checking the quotes, it is a good idea to work out the total amount that you will pay back, including interest and fees. Then you can decide which offer really is the best one.

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