How to Pay Bills via Mobile and NFC Technology

How to Pay Bills via Mobile and NFC Technology

Our payment methods are evolving from cash we jumped to checks, then came credit cards and now we have our smart phones. Now you can pay bills via mobile. Thanks to mobile technology and near field communication or NFC chips we can turn our devices into mobile wallets. It first was implemented into our credit cards and companies could help make payments anywhere by providing the software and enabling these mobile payments. These credit cards have NFC chips inside the card so that you could go to any merchant that accepts NFC type payments and you can simply tap that card against the phone or NFC device that accept payments.

Moving payments from plastic to mobile became a main focus for credit companies and their network. Basically payments have moved from the plastic and physical world cash into electronic and mobile in particular.

That happens as easily as it happens with plastic cards today as the credit card companies that are providing this service are recognized and accepted and there’s different types of accounts that can be supported from credit to debit to prepaid which really depends on what type of account meets your needs as a consumer.

How it works

Through NFC enabled phones paying your bills is just one tap away. Just unlock your device and tap it onto the payment terminal that accepts payments via smart phones. It may ask you for a pin, just insert it and voila! You’ve just paid your bills using your NFC enabled smart phone.

Apple Pay

Apple pay utilizes passbook in your debit or credit card to pay bills. To set it up you just need to add your credit or debit card information into your phone. You can also add a picture of your credit card using the camera and it’ll import the details on its own. After that you can go ahead and set up your default billing information. It’s a fairly simple process to get Apple pay set up and running on your iPhone.

Tap to pay

It’s pretty clear that if you don’t have an iPhone you won’t be able to make payments through the new payment method called Apple pay which is gradually becoming very popular and people are shifting from their average payment methods to it. But you don’t have to worry because you too can pay bills via your android phone through a feature called tap to pay. It is designed to work in a similar way to Apple pay. Once you meet all the requirements of tap to pay there won’t be anything holding you back from making mobile payments through you android phone. To have it widely accepted there are a lot of perks from merchants and loyalty cards. This is one of the telecommunication and credit card companies’ strategy to get people used to these payment methods.

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