How to Save Money on Your Car expenses

How to Save Money on Your Car expenses

Owning a car is not a cheap walk in the park. Unfortunately car maintenance and car fuel will eat up a nice chunk out of your budget. In order to avoid spending more than you need on your car, it is advisable if you follow a few simple tips, which will cut down you unnecessary costs.

Instead of taking up a part-time job it is better to work on cutting down your expenses so that you can enjoy your car ride without having to worry about how much the ride will cost.


Even if you carpool with only one person, it will already be a huge improvement on your fuel bill as you can split the costs. Moreover, if you have carpool friends it is always far better to travel with someone and have fun than to just drive alone.

Carpooling does not necessarily mean that only your car has to be used; you can take turns in driving. Mix it up with your friends and make it interesting for all of you to enjoy the car ride. And on the plus side, this way you will save up some money on fuel.

Find the best gas station

This should not be unfamiliar as we tend to look around town for many things and unconsciously burning up fuel. However, try to find the best place by taking into consideration the price and the distance you will have to travel. If you have a long way to go and you use up a lot of fuel then it was all for nothing.

Check the oil regularly

There are a few simple rules you have to follow so that you know when and how to replace oil in your car. And if you stick to those rules then you will have an easy time changing oil by yourself and you will also be able to save a little bit of money.

Instead of paying the mechanic for something that you can do at home, why not do it yourself? The money that you save can be used to buy something nice for the car.

Take care of your tyres

It is important that you closely monitor the state of your tyres as they need to be in top shape so that you do not have any accidents. Tyre size is also important, try not to go overboard with bigger wheels that your car cannot handle.

Buying cheap tyres is also a good idea, but always be careful when choosing so that you do not buy something that will endanger your life more than it should.

Drive slow

Although this fact might make a lot of drivers chuckle, but it is important to keep in mind that by driving slow you will be able to predict and avoid danger in a more timely fashion; and also you will drive more economically. This means that your fuel consumption will be lowered and that your fuel bill will not go up.

Driving slow also prevents from panic attacks and from doing something that might stress you out and in the worst case scenario, cause an accident. Mind your signs and follow the speed limit.

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