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How to Start A Business with No Money

How to Start A Business with No Money

Did you always dream of owning your own business? I’m sure you did. But, as always, life seemed to have other plans, your financial well-being wasn’t in such a state that you could just do what you wanted with your life and money was no object. 

Well, even if that is you currently and you haven’t had a sudden change of good fortune, don’t worry, there are business solutions that might work well for you, as they are low-cost start-ups with the potential for high rewards. 

Here are some business types you can begin right now, with little to no investment necessary, that will always be making you money.

Monetized blogging

If you ever felt like you have a lot to say to the world about any subject at all, blogging might be the outlet you’ve been searching for. It’s the new town square, the new soapbox… and, with various avenues of monetization, it is even possible to make money off your newly-opened blog. Whether that’s through affiliate links, eBook production, or the offering of online courses and webinar series’, there’s a way to get paid for doing what you love.

Dog grooming

While this is not a ‘free’ start-up idea, it is definitely a lower-cost start-up. If you have a passion for your furry friends, one way to exercise that passion is to start your own dog grooming service

This will require some investment on your part, but if you’re doing this from home (as opposed to, say, a mobile dog grooming business), the only thing you’ll need access to is a bathtub, fine scissors, shampoos, clippers, etc. 

The average basic start-up cost of dog grooming is around $5000+. This may seem like a very high number given the title of this article, but comparatively, it’s fairly cheap, and you can start making money right away.

In-home child care

Deemed an essential service during the pandemic, and therefore allowed to remain open with strict public health protocols, one of the things that are a low-cost start-up providing you already have space is an in-home childcare business. 

Rather than bringing their kids to a strange location, offer your services to your friends and family. You’ll need the proper business licensing and criminal record checks before you can operate properly, but this is the perfect business idea for those who love children and want to provide a safe, home-like environment to growing children. 

Logo/image designer

Another low-cost option is that of a logo/image designer. If you feel as though you’ve always had a good eye for what would make a business logo better, or how a business might change its branding in some other way, it might be a good idea to take up that initiative yourself and start a design business. 

Businesses are always looking for people with fresh, new ideas on how to revamp their look to the world. Take your creativity to them and see what they make of it. You never know, it might be the start of something big!

Errand running

While this may seem a bit menial and slave-labor-esque there is definitely money to be made in helping other people do all sorts of things. The facts are that people don’t feel like they have enough time in a day to do everything they need to do. 

Between the 9-5 grind and picking up the kids from school and checking the mail and paying their bills and-and-and, the list of things to do is almost endless. Well, that’s where you can come in. If you like working with people and like helping people accomplish their tasks, maybe look into who might need help with their errands in your area and get hired consistently for doing just that.

Final remarks 

Having no money shouldn’t inhibit you from following your business-owning dreams. The lack of money just means you have to be extra creative with how you go about opening up the business and what that business looks like. Play to your strengths and people will recognize that.

This article is contributed by Luke Fitzpatrick.

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