How to use Walmart MoneyCard instead of Debit or Credit Card

How to use Walmart MoneyCard instead of Debit or Credit Card

Cashless payment is indeed a smart option! Using Visa Debit Card or Debit Master Card is common while shopping, traveling, making payments and more. Instead of using your Debit Card or credit Card, you can use Walmart MoneyCard. It is just like a credit card with which you have the control on the limit. But, Walmart MoneyCard has no connection with building credit history unlike the credit cards.

Why Walmart MoneyCard?

Using Walmart MoneyCard is safer and convenient way of making payment instead of cash. If the card balance is running out then simply reload the card! Minors sometimes misuse credit cards but there is no such fear in case of Walmart MoneyCard. Minors can learn responsible spending habits that will help them in future!

Learn about certain features of Walmart MoneyCard

This card is not anonymous and name of the card owner will be embossed on it. Personal information provided by you during registering the card will be verified and kept secured without any possibilities of breach.

There are four different types of Walmart MoneyCard, i.e. Basic, Plus, Specialty and Preferred.  To obtain a Walmart MoneyCard you don’t require a bank account or credit check! From a single account, you can request to issue multiple numbers of cards.

Where can you use Walmart MoneyCard?

  1. You can use this card at places where payment is done through Visa Debit Cards. Walmart MoneyCard can be used at grocery stores, gas stations, hotels, and other online retailers.
  2. Using Walmart MoneyCard you can make online bill payments or transfer payment to anyone you require. You can also activate automatic payments against persistent monthly charges. Accessing to this feature you also have the facility to keep a record of the payments. For accessing online bill pay feature you need to activate personalized card. Holding a basic Walmart MoneyCard you can’t access this feature.
  3. You can handover a Walmart MoneyCard to your child who is away from you for further studies. This card will be quite helpful for them in many ways.
  4. With Walmart MoneyCard you can withdraw cash from any bank branch. $2 is the applicable charges for per withdrawal.
  5. Paying 70 cent fee, you can use Walmart MoneyCard for purchasing MoneyGram Money orders and the limit is up to $1, 000.
  6. Holding a Walmart MoneyCard you can become a Day Trader as well! You need to understand money management and trading ethics to speak the market languages. Learning the trading techniques, you can earn high profits.

Reload the card and enjoy!

If you are running out of balance, then you can easily reload it. Reload the card wih cash at a Walmart Checkout Lane. There are certain other reloading methods like bank transfers and direct deposit at Walmart MoneyCard Site.

Earn discounts

Using Walmart MoneyCard you can receive amazing discounts like-: At gas station, per gallon you can get 5 cent discount, you can get 1% cash back on any purchase. When the collected discounts on every purchase increase to $5, the earned cashback reward is transferred to the account as a statement credit.

You can use Walmart MoneyCard in multiple ways! So, instead of using credit cards or debit cards, start using Walmart MoneyCard!

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