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How You Can Save Money When Moving Across The Country

How You Can Save Money When Moving Across The Country

Moving is challenging and it can get ridiculously expensive if you want to start a new life in another city. However, when you are moving across the country, there are multiple ways through which you can avoid burning a hole in your pocket.

Be a Minimalist

Don’t carry extra stuff with you. Donate your old clothes, books,and furniture. You can sell them online on Craigslist too. Carrying unwanted stuff on the truck will only cost you a lot of money, time and energy. Remember, every inch of space on that moving truck is precious.

Budget Planning

Budget planning is necessary for successful and affordable moving. Having a budget will also help you control your expenses.

You can’t move everything on your own when moving to another city but this doesn’t mean you hire the most expensive moving company. Research the local residential movers before hiring them. You can also search for moving companies online and compare their prices and reviews. Make sure you choose the one with the best rating and the best value for money.

Don’t buy packing materials

Don’t waste your money by buying cartons, boxes, bubble wrap and other packing material. Buying one box does not seem much costly, but buying 50 to 100 boxes will cost a lot of money. You can always look around for these boxes in warehouses. You can easily get the cartons from grocery stores free of cost.Also, when you buy an appliance, always save the original packing, so you can reuse it later.

Be flexible with moving dates

Deciding the moving season is an interesting way to save your hard earned cash. Try to move during winter as few people would move during this period. Moving is on the peak during the spring and summer season as compared to winter and fall season. As you can guess, moving companies demand more money during the peak season.

If you can compromise on your things arriving late, then you can also save your money by using a consolidated moving company. With a consolidated move, your stuff will be combined withthe belongings of another customer who is moving along the same route. Note that your things will arrive late than usual. However, it will be much cheaper than a direct move.


Planning is a necessary part of moving. How would you feel if you carry a large heavy bed to your new place, just to find out it cannot fit in the new place? To avoid such mishaps, you should not carry heavy stuff like sofas, furniture, cupboards with you. Remember, movingcompanies will charge according to the weight and size of your belongings.

To save money, you should leave behind heavy items and buy them once you settle into your new home.

So there you have it – proven hacks that can help you save money. Make sure you calculate your moving expenses and decide if they’re worth the trouble and money.Consider the distance you will be moving. As stated earlier, moving to the new city may require help from a professional mover.

Assess your budget beforehand to know how much you can afford. If you plan to hire a moving company, ask friends and family for recommendations. Also, visit the company’s site and read the reviews there too. Compare the prices of different moving companies. Choose that company which has good reviews and offers excellent services at a reasonable price.

The above moving tips will definitely help you save bucks when moving to another state or across the country. Moving requires a lot of hard work and planning. And without planning, nothing can be done in an organized and smooth way. Plan wisely, move easily!

This is guest post by Rachael Everly. She is an enthusiastic blogger who loves to write on home improvement and interior decoration related topics. She is also a lifestyle blogger who got featured on various high authority blogs and magazine. Follow her @RachaelEverly for more updates.

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