Is it Possible for A Lawyer to Bring You Out of Debt?

Is it Possible for A Lawyer to Bring You Out of Debt?

When we speak of a debt lawyer, we definitely mean someone who has enough knowledge and expertise on the legal aspects of debt and credentials as well to help you sort out through different financial issues. There are lawyers who represent their clients in court against the debt collectors and this is a part of consumer law or that branch of law which is dedicated to safeguard consumers against unfair credit and trade practices. The job of a debt lawyer is to negotiate deals with several creditors, tackle lawsuits from several credit card companies and help their clients when their finances are beyond any kind of repair.

Since the household debt in the US has soared up to a high level, the necessity of seeking help of debt lawyers has become extremely common. Credit card debt and car loan debt is reaching a different level and with this much of money owed, the debt collection agencies are taking resort to aggressive debt collection methods to collect the remaining debt amount. As per what the CFPB has to say, there are more than 7000 debt collection agencies and in 2016, their overall revenue has touched $13 billion.

Is it possible for a debt lawyer to help you with your court case?

If the debt situation that you are in, forced you to visit the court, then getting help of a debt lawyer is extremely necessary. The debt collectors are so aggressive that they can take their clients even to the court so that they can recover the money that is owed by the debtors. Debt collectors have a record of winning majority of the cases just because the clients don’t have any legal representative.

Those consumers who appear to the court without any legal help to fight against the debt collectors are doing a disservice towards themselves. Most often it is seen that they are not aware of the rights in such cases and henceforth they don’t represent themselves. When a debtor has a debt lawyer, the client is treated with more respect within the courtroom just because of the fact that they have an expert by their side. The lawyer has the capability of making compelling arguments against the judge in the favor of the client.

It is a debt lawyer who can immediately determine whether or not the debt collector is using any illegitimate methods against the client to recoup the funds. In case you have experienced harassment from the side of collectors, this is more applicable. It is with the help of a debt lawyer that you can easily design a lawsuit against some collector who hasn’t followed the laws and rules of the court. Moreover, he can also help you if you think of filing bankruptcy. He can give you the right advice about your obligations and rights with each form of bankruptcy.

Therefore, now that you’re wondering about the different ways in which a lawyer can help you get out of debt, you can take into account the above mentioned facts.

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