Is it Possible to Eat Organic on a Frugal Budget?

Is it Possible to Eat Organic on a Frugal Budget?

There are many who are a little late to join the organic bandwagon but as long as joining the organic party is concerned; it’s better late than never. As we are about to welcome 2018, people are planning to eat more and more organic food but at the same time they even can’t get over the fact that this is going to be challenging on their budget. We have been shopping at stores like Winco for many years now and they are indeed a great place for getting the best organic groceries.

Prices of whole foods are 55% higher than the average. So, if you buy whole foods, your grocery budget will definitely double and this is certainly too much for those people who are frugal minded and who follow a frugal budget.

In what way should you spend your dollars?

Dirty produce

Vegetables and fruits usually have lots of pesticides and hence we require averting those which are worst. Your kids might love apple but they are on the top of EWG’s list. Here is a list of Dirty Dozen Plus’ list.

  • Pears and apples: Organic pears and apples aren’t too costly and you can get them at Trader Joe’s.
  • Grapes: Your children might love grapes but since you won’t find many organic grapes in the store, it’s better to skip them.
  • Cherries and strawberries: There are organic cherry trees at various places and you can pluck them if you have one at your home.

Dairy Products

Dairy is yet another category of food which kids love to have. There are hormones, antibiotics and GMO which move into the dairy products.

  • Milk: Organic milk costs twice as regular milk. If you buy a gallon of organic milk, it will cost you $6.
  • Yogurt: If you purchase a quarter every week, then the cost of yogurt won’t impact much. It’s $3.
  • Cheese: There’s not much organic cheese and therefore you can stick to regular cheese. If you don’t eat too much of cheese, that won’t be a big deal for you.
  • Eggs: Yes, organic eggs are pretty costly and dozen eggs will cost $2 and at some places, it will cost $5. Hence, there is a big difference of costs.
  • Butter: You won’t get organic butter anywhere.


Majority of the pigs, cows and chickens are full of antibiotics, hormones and other forms of chemicals. But who is eager to give up meat?

  • Chicken: Organic chicken, on the other hand, is more affordable. Whole organic chickens are available at $7. This is much cheaper.
  • Beef: Organic beef is also 30% lower than regular beef and if you’re a beef lover, stay with organic ones.
  • Fish and seafood: There are people who have farmed raised fish. You too can avoid this.

Therefore, not all organic foods are affordable, let alone cheap. You have to determine your financial status and your affordability in order to decide whether or not you can afford them or not.

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