Know the Little Surprising Extra Things Covered by Your Insurance

Know the Little Surprising Extra Things Covered by Your Insurance

If you have car insurance and something strange happens to your car, you may first wonder if your insurance policy will cover the damage. There are many types of car insurance coverage available. Comprehensive car insurance covers a variety of surprising things. It is important to know the surprising extra things covered by your insurance so that you can know what to claim for in the event of an accident. The following are some of things that a comprehensive auto insurance policy can cover.

• Damage Caused By Potholes

If your car sustains damage after hitting a pothole, you can receive compensation if you have collision coverage. The reason for this is that hitting a pothole is considered to be a collision. This can be advantageous if the cost of repairing the damage your car sustains after hitting a pothole is higher than your deductible. Opting for collision damage in your auto insurance policy is therefore wise even if it is not mandatory.

• Damage Caused By Riots

If your vehicle sustains damage caused by riots, your comprehensive auto insurance policy will cover for the losses.

• Damage Caused By Animals

If you have a comprehensive auto insurance policy, you could be compensated for damage caused by an animal such as a rat or squirrel. An example is when a rodent has gnawed on the electrical system of your vehicle. Your policy can also cover for damage that may be caused by falling objects such as tree limbs and asteroids. It can also cover for damage resulting from hitting a large animal like a deer.

• Injuries To Pets

If you get into an accident whilst your pet is in your vehicle, there is a chance that he or she will sustain injuries that must be cared for. Veterinarian fees can be as expensive as doctor fees. You can save a lot of money if your policy offers coverage for injuries that your pet may sustain after a car accident. It is important to ensure that you understand the rules or limitations that your insurance company places on covering your pet, such as how he or she may be transported.

• Teens with Driving Permits

Generally, teenage drivers pay higher insurance premiums than older drivers because they have a higher chance of being involved in an accident. However, teenage drivers are not required to have insurance until they get a driving license. If your teenager has a driver’s permit and your vehicle sustains damage due to something that your comprehensive insurance covers, your insurance policy will pay for the costs of repairing the damage.

• Your Borrowed Car

If you are a kind person, you may loan out your car to a friend or relative. If your car sustains damage when being driven by another person other than yourself, your comprehensive insurance policy will cover for the damage.

• Cracked Windshield

Most comprehensive car insurance policies cover for cracked windshields. Some companies cover cracked windshields under comprehensive policies while others give their clients the option to choose windshield coverage.

• Conclusion

A comprehensive car insurance policy can cover for many types of damage. Other than the damages mentioned above, it can also cover for losses resulting from theft, fire and missiles. Purchasing such an insurance policy is therefore wise. It can protect you from losing a lot of money due to unexpected events.

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