Leaving the Rat Race

Leaving the Rat Race

Many people are frustrated with their daily routine and have discovered they do not find their work enjoyable. In the past, this may have been viewed as a problem with no realistic solution. However, in today’s economy, there are many lucrative alternatives to working in a traditional 9 to 5 office environment.

There are infinite possibilities in creating a career that one is passionate about if only one is willing to explore. The first challenge is in finding an opportunity or an idea that is both stimulating and feasible. The second is in finding the funding to make that inspiration a reality.


Franchising is a great option for individuals who are passionate about an existing brand and for those who want a business model with an established success record that will afford them the freedom of being their own boss.

There are many popular and successful companies that offer franchising opportunities to those interested in opening a small business. In fact, many global companies have been able to expand their reach so successfully because of their franchising business model. The UPS store franchise opportunity, for example, has not only made fast and reliable international UPS shipping more accessible to small communities, it has also helped individuals find careers they are passionate about and allowed them to leave behind traditional jobs.


Creating a business that is entirely run and operated in an online capacity has been a lucrative move for many entrepreneurs. It eliminates many of the costs associated with opening a brick and mortar business and provides a level of location freedom many people crave.

The options for creating such a business are only limited by talent and imagination. Every industry has examples of successful businesses that operate entirely in an online environment. The real challenge is in finding something one is passionate about, talented in, and able to market effectively.


Once the decision has been made to create a specific business, it is time to find funding to begin making real world progress towards the goal. Obtaining alternative financing for a small business can seem overwhelming to many new business owners. In part, this is due to the numerous opportunities available in the market.

Small businesses should reach out to the Small Business Administration first and take advantage of the many free resources and guides they offer. In some instances, they will be able to find loans designed specifically for helping launch new businesses. At other times, more creative options may be necessary.

Businesses that will rely on the development of a prototype product may want to consider creating a crowd sourcing campaign to obtain the required capital. Platforms like Kickstarter and GoFundMe are two of the more popular options in this niche. Those who want to launch an e-business may need less monetary capital and more time to devote to content creation and development. This may require some form of loan to give them the financial freedom for developmental pursuits. No matter what your financing needs, do not let initial hurdles derail your efforts.

Instead of fantasizing about the many miraculous methods that would allow one to leave the rat race of the workforce, such as a lottery win or unexpected inheritance, take the time to dream about creating your own business. Consider what would make you happy to wake up every morning and eager to begin the work day. This is something that is within your control, unlike the fantasies of money simply appearing. Once you have a clear and realistic dream in mind, begin learning more about how to make that dream a reality and pursue it with determination and passion.

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