Live on a Small Budget despite Living in a Big City

Live on a Small Budget despite Living in a Big City

From small business owners to college grads to young married couples, there are many like us who dream of moving to a big city after ditching their small town life. If you always thought that you need to earn a six-figure salary amount in order to live well in a metropolis, you were wrong as there are several ways in which you can still live within your budget despite living in a big city. Yes, for that you would definitely need to make some big sacrifices as life would then be smooth in a big city.

There are few tips that you have to follow when you start living in a big city so that you don’t go broke once you get there. You would require making big changes to your lifestyle when you move to a costly city. If you know the art of saving money, you should stick to your budget and that would be fine. Here are few tips to follow.

1: Don’t consider owning a car

In case you’re someone who is planning to move to some major city like New York, you should sell off your car before you move. Did you know that parking in New York is extremely difficult? Only when you settle down with an apartment that has a private garage, you would not have to pay for parking. Otherwise, you would always have to pay hefty parking costs. Instead of using your personal car, it would be much cheaper to use the NYC public transport as you could grab an unlimited MTA pass for $89 in a month. Most people spend more than $89 every week on gas and car costs. Hence doing away with your car will definitely be a money-saver.

2: Locate the cheapest neighborhood

Each city will have different neighborhoods which are costlier than the others. Manhattan is located at the center of the 5 boroughs and it is perhaps the costliest. In case you don’t have enough dollars to move to the heart of the city, you should watch out for less costly neighborhoods. Hence, it is better to look for the cheapest neighborhood.

3: Consider finding a roomie

If you wish to pay as little amount as possible for rent in your city, you may choose to live with a roommate. In case you have a friend who is also hunting for a shared apartment, this could be the best time to bring him in. You may even put up an ad in Craigslist to find someone who is happily willing to split the rent along with you. However, make sure he is someone whom you can trust.

4: Avert eating out

It can indeed be very costly if you eat out in a big city. You can be charged up to $15 for lunch and 5 days of outside lunch can cost you $75. Therefore it is always a better idea to cook food at home and pack it for lunch.

Therefore, if you’re all set to move into a big city, make sure you follow the above mentioned tips and strategies to live on a low budget and henceforth save money.

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