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Most Common California Traffic Tickets In 2018 And How To Avoid Them

Most Common California Traffic Tickets In 2018 And How To Avoid Them

In law, ignorance is no defense. Thus, many people violate the traffic laws of California in many ways, just because they do not know that they are violating any rule. When you know the most common traffic tickets in California, you can know how to avoid them. 

Here they are:


This is one of the most common traffic tickets anywhere in the USA. The urge to press the pedal to the floor is always high, but you will be caught. It is easy to avoid getting a speeding ticket in California. 

Watch out for residential zones. Whether you have seen a speed sign or not, it is time to slow down. You should know that the fines will be doubled for speeding in school zones when there are children, or in construction areas when there are workers on site. When you come to a steep part of the road, the speed limit goes lower, so you should be light on that pedal. If you ever caught with speeding in Los Angeles, California, you can fight traffic ticket Los Angeles by booking an attorney online. 

Driving down the wrong way

This is not just going to get your ticket, but it is also very dangerous and could result to road carnage of serious proportions. Just pay attention to the road signs to see whether that is a one-way or a two-way road. 

Running a red light and rolling through a stop sign

California is very serious about red light violators and people who push through the stop signs. The red lights are backed by cameras, so you will definitely be seen and caught if you just slow down and roll through. 

To avoid this ticket, when you come to a stop sign, stop completely. Avoid going through a yellow light, you will be caught. The fines can be hefty and they can stay on your license for up to three years. They would also lead to a rise of your insurance premiums, thus costing you more. 

Violating a no-passing zone

If you change lanes  in an area that has double white or yellow lanes, you will get a ticket for the same. Just keep an eye for the signs and the markings on the road and do not change lanes in that section. 

Improper changing of lanes

If you are “swinger”, you know, those drivers who swing into one lane, swing into another and back, you will be caught by the camera, and you will be flagged as an unsafe driver. You should always use your indicators to show that you intend to change lanes. Also take your time, do it slowly and you will avoid a ticket. 

Railroad crossing 

If you stop on the tracks or outside the designated stopping line, you will be fined. Actually, you are required to stop before you get to the limit line. 

Reckless driving

This is quite an ambiguous ticket and many people do not escape it. This ticket can be issued at the discretion of the officer who stopped you if they think you drove in such a way that you were a danger to other road users. To avoid this ticket, just drive keenly, change lanes correctly, observe road signs and so on. Take off correctly after a stop, stop within the right distance and so on. Basically, just do everything correctly. If you ever lose your driver’s license, a driver’s license lawyer can help you get it reinstated. 

Ignoring to stop for pedestrians and school buses

Not stopping at pedestrian crossings or for school buses when they are picking or dropping students is another violation that people commit unawares. Always stop for a school bus that is dropping or picking students. Always stop for pedestrians to cross if there are any waiting at the side of the road.

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