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Moving on a Tight Budget: How to save a lot of money

Moving on a Tight Budget: How to save a lot of money

Unless you are very aware of your finances then moving can be very daunting- especially if you are trying to save money. How are you going to move without breaking the bank? What are the costs that come along with this daunting task? These types of questions will without a doubt come up when you are moving home.

Look into the Costs of DIY vs Professional Services.

You should not automatically assume that hiring a van will be more expensive than moving yourself. Moving is stressful and takes a lot of effort, while a rental truck may sound appealing, too many people put the labour into a move only to realise that they have spent more on doing it themselves than they would have on a professional.

If you are considering a professional then you should shop around. Do not just settle with the first quote you get. Not many people know- but you can actually negotiate with movers to get a cheaper deal. You should do a background check and read reviews before you secure a deal. If you choose to go with the pros then you should do as much as you can yourself, such as deconstructing furniture. This will save the mover’s time- and remember, time is money!

If the DIY option looks more affordable then you will need to plan your move to avoid busy times of the day. Whether you are using your own vehicle or renting a van, you will need to take the weight of the vehicle into consideration and save yourself gas, time and the heartache by travelling at off-peak times.

Don’t pay for boxes.

Boxes are essential for moving and this is why many moving companies charge excessive prices for them. Buying boxes is an unnecessary expense when you can get them for free!

  • Have a look around your work place for empty boxes. If you work in an office then printer-paper boxes are strong and large enough to store your household items.
  • Ask your friends if they have any boxes. Often people who have recently moved will have spare boxes which they will be happy to donate to a new home.
  • Ask your local supermarket, more often than not supermarkets will have boxes strong enough to hold glass bottles of alcohol and can certainly handle your household items.

Ditch some of your stuff!

Selling or donating some of your belongings can earn you some extra cash and also eliminate extra weight! Many people who have gone through a move will understand that you do not actually need everything you think you do. If you want to take drastic measures why don’t you sell everything? This would probably be appealing to those who are overwhelmed by the task of moving.

Switch your current account.

Switching your current account could make your life much easier when you’re moving. Choosing a new account or moving can be a daunting process but you can save money every year by making this simple move. Payments going in and out of your old account, including direct debits and standing orders will be automatically moved when you switch. It is now easier than ever, especially for home owners.

This is a guest post from Evie Nash. She is a keen contributor to a range of blogs. As well as providing content for a selection of websites she is also a writer for PPI Refund. She enjoys spending time with her friends and family whilst staying up to date with public affairs and the latest economic trends.

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