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New Residential Properties Promise Top Features Wanted by Home Buyers

New Residential Properties Promise Top Features Wanted by Home Buyers

Most top interior designers find it pretty challenging to stay ahead of the current trends when they are decorating new homes for you. They make it a point that their designing adds great value to the new homes. If you are thinking of buying a home for yourself, remember to watch out for the latest trends mentioned below. It is heartening to note that today’s residential projects actually deliver practically all those features that buyers would be wanting most. And once you have identified a dream home, try to keep these ideas very much in your mind as you go about feathering your new nest.

Top Features in Demand

Open Concept Homes: New homes are usually, offering spacious layout with high ceilings and flowing floor plans.

Smaller Homes: Today’s new homes are smaller in comparison to huge homes of the past as such they are not really that expensive for heating, cooling and maintaining. The wide spectrum of new homes makes it real easy and convenient to locate the size that is just perfect for you.

Outdoor Living Spaces: According to latest surveys most home buyers across the world really wish to have outdoor living spaces such as a nice swimming pool in the backyard, or an outdoor fireplace or a wonderful outdoor kitchen just right for a barbecue party.

Neutral Décor: Most new homes today offer neutral décor as that works out best for selling any home. However, you must never hesitate to demonstrate your true colors as a new home buyer. According to the latest reports jazzy designers such as Jonathan Adler has brought back vibrant colors to the latest kitchens with his new line of incredibly vibrant and attractive sinks for Kohler. Bedding and furniture have also, won major acclaim as they all come in tangerine, the color of the current year. More and more interior designers and homeowners worldwide are courageously adopting bold, vibrant and definitely brighter hues.

Modern Kitchens: Needless to say that a kitchen seems to be the heart of each and every home. This is exactly where new residential properties shine with the state-of-the-art and greatest design countertops, cabinets and lighting. The cutting-edge appliances are an inherent feature of these smart kitchens.

Community Living Highlighted: The trend toward community living is today highlighted in these beautiful new homes. Many of the current master planned homes offer community pools and clubhouses, hiking trails, protected nature areas, playgrounds and a lot more. Larger residential communities often contain well thought-out retail options, as well as, schools very much within the community.

Going Green Is the Mantra: The new residential communities have shown their inclination toward going green. Most of the new homes are far more energy-efficient as compared to homes in the past.

Energy-efficient Appliances & Fixtures: Today’s homes are characterized by huge energy efficiency in HVAC, appliances, and practically, all through the house. As per some studies, a typically current home would be far more energy-efficient approx. 30 percent, as compared to residences that came up only five years back.

Smart Storage Options: Today the houses or apartments come with much larger and well-organized walk-in-closets. There are a lot of storage options with modern and smart wall to wall cabinets and wardrobes.

Modern Car Garage: Most residential options worldwide are offering organized car garages. More often than not, builders today are providing double garages that are definitely larger than before and are boasting of some storage space.

Builders today are coordinating with experienced and super-creative interior designers to come up with incredibly beautiful residential options that have all the features that modern buyers would be looking for. This is your big opportunity to buy a house and realize your long-cherished dream.

This is a guest post from Alexander Fernandise. He is an experienced real estate agent, who has currently taken to blogging in his spare time. He seems to be highly impressed with the residential projects in Prabhadevi, Mumbai and suggests his clients to take a look once, before buying any other residential property.

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