Online Tax Preparation – Choosing the Right Income Tax Consultants

Online Tax Preparation – Choosing the Right Income Tax Consultants

Taxation is a complicated subject with various kinds of calculations and accounting. It might not always be possible for a common man to understand everything related to taxes and this is where income tax consultants come into the picture. The consultants not only help in making your tax payments convenient and hassle free; they also help in making plans for optimum tax savings. However, it is the taxpayer, who will be legally responsible for everything that goes in the tax file return, even if a consultant prepares the whole thing.

Now, tax returns can be submitted online as well. Whatever be your choice – personal or online tax payment, make sure that you choose the right consultant or tax consulting firm. Majority of consultants are professionals to the core, keep information confidential and are honest. They ensure providing the highest levels of services to the customers. Here are few tips which will help in selecting the right consultants for tax advice and filing tax returns:

  • History of the accounting firm or consultants – Any reputed and reliable firm in the USA will be accredited to Better Business Bureau (BBB). Check whether this company or consultant has the accreditation. They should have legal license for carrying out their practices all over the country. To check whether the license is legal and valid, you can check IRS Office of Enrollment for agents who are enrolled, State Bar Associations for lawyers and similar organizations.
  • Qualification of the consultant – With proper qualifications, it is impossible to sustain in the job of a tax consultant. As per current regulations all tax preparers need to have a Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN). Along with this, the professional should also be affiliated to any institution from where he can update himself regarding the various changes which are coming in the tax scenario. The consultants also need to pass examinations from time to time to ensure they are competent and updated.
  • Mode of tax filing – There are two modes of tax filing available in the present times – online tax filing and filing in paper. A tax preparer who submits more than 10 tax returns needs to apply online for paying the tax returns. Make sure that the tax preparer you are hiring is adept to the process of e-filing. The process of online tax preparation is nothing tough, but one needs to know the correct process for the same.
  • Easy access – The access to your tax preparer should be permanent. Usually April is the month for due date of paying taxes. The tax preparer should be contactable even after paying the tax return. Various kinds of questions might arise regarding the tax return and he will be the best person to answer the queries. So he should be readily accessible.
  • Review the tax return before signing it – Usually tax preparers will get the work done and come to you for the finally signing. Before you put your signature on the dotted lines, make sure that you check the whole thing. Review the report thoroughly and do ask questions whenever you have any doubt. If the tax preparer asks you to sign on a blank tax form, refrain from such a preparer.

Many consultants also offer high quality accounting services along with tax consultancy. They will suggest various ways in which you can save tax and increase earnings while making great savings.

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