Organizing an Outdoor Event to Promote Your Brand

Organizing an Outdoor Event to Promote Your Brand

Promoting your brand is something that you simply have to do, no matter what kind of business you run. It does not matter if you are a giant corporation that is looking to raise the awareness of its brand and enhance your standing in public or if you are a small mom and pop local business which is just trying to expand its customer base; promotion of your brand is a definite must. For small business owners, these events are particularly useful.

Organizing an outdoor event is one of the best things that you can do, inviting your customers, partners and potential customers to an outdoor venue where you can organize a barbeque or a movie night, a sports game of some kind. Anything that will attract people and have them talking about it for days on end. All the while, you will be promoting your brand. So, what does one have to do to have this positive experience?

Finding the right venue

Finding the right venue for your outdoor event is half the job done and you need to ensure that the place for your event is just right. First of all, you need to make sure that you have the permission to organize an event at such a place. You can easily check this with the local government. You should also make sure that the space will be able to fit all the people that you wish to invite. It would also be a smart idea to check the weather for the day, make sure that your guests do not end up soaked in rain or snowed under.

Inviting everyone

You can have the most perfect venue in the world, with a whole variety of activities and promotional material; if people do not know about it, you might as well not organize it. This is why you need to start promoting your event days in advance, weeks even. As soon as you have the date and the venue set, you can start inviting people. You can do a ton of promotion and inviting online, on Facebook, Twitter and other social media. You can also give out flyers and even posters around the neighbourhood and town. You can even think about traditional media promotion, with ads on local radio or TV.

Coming up with the program

No outdoor promotional event is ready without a program which will give people something to do. In many cases, it will be a single major activity, with a bit of food and drinks to tie it all up. For instance, you can organize a charity run or sports competition of some kind. Or you can organize old film watching night for the neighbourhood. Don’t ever forget about the refreshments. People don’t care for events without refreshments. If you need the money for your program and everything else, you can always take out a loan.

Don’t forget to promote your brand

There is a reason why you are organizing this event and that is to promote your brand, which is why you should never forget about this part of the whole event. There are a number of ways in which you can promote your brand at events. For instance, you can set up pop up marquees with the name and the logo of your business printed on them. You can also give out promotional material with your brand. Or, if you have products that would go well at such an event, you can simply give those out.

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