The Clue to Finding Cheap and Free Fitness Classes

The Clue to Finding Cheap and Free Fitness Classes

As the boutique studios spur up the prices, the fitness enthusiasts who are on a budget are feeling the pressure. The famous barre and cycling studio named Flywheel was the one which increased the fee ranges of few classes and there were many others which joined the herd. In the year 2016, SoulCycle and ClassPass increased its prices as well.

However, there’s nothing for you to fret as there are several ways of working out for cheap and even for free. You just need to know how to find them. Here are few.

1: Karma Programs

If you can opt for fitness classes via Karma program, this can become one of the cheapest and lucrative ways of embracing a fitness lifestyle. A yoga fitness studio provides free classes in lieu of a shift. The work that you need to do is sweeping studios, cleaning bathrooms and other stuff and this can be a great way of coming to terms with the staff of the studio. Such programs offer a chance for workers to get certified as instructor at a very low price. In case you love a fitness studio, a karma program is one of the best options.

2: FitReserve and ClassPass

Apparently, FitReserve and ClassPass aren’t the best options as long as fitness on budget is concerned. These happen to be the best ways of trying some new studio which have been introduced in the place you live. In exchange of a pre-decided price, you get a fixed number of classes which list their fitness classes via the sites. They offer 20-30% off and introductory discounts as well.

3: Offers like ‘first time free’

Majority of the studios offer free class or discount offers for the people who first attend the gym. Such offers are not always promoted but you can find them popping up when you open the websites of the studios. While there are few that offer totally free classes, others offer discounts on the initial few classes.

4: Groupon

One of the often-forgotten barrage in the world of fitness. This is a discount website which offers profitable deals on everything from kickboxing to yoga classes at a price with enough discount. However, all studios won’t offer you discounts on Groupon and they are mostly for the first-time studio users. Hence you need to be careful while booking the first class at a studio.

5: Zenrez

Zenrez is a program which is pretty similar to FitReserve and ClassPass but the only difference is that you don’t require paying a dime for the membership. All you require doing is sign up with the website and then book the classes at the best studios. Once you do this, you will be given a discount.

Therefore, now that you know the five options which you can choose to opt for free memberships, what are you waiting for? Make sure you opt for any one of them and reap the benefits to embrace a healthy lifestyle.

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