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The Hottest Jobs in Sacramento (and Salaries to go with)

The Hottest Jobs in Sacramento (and Salaries to go with)

Over the last few years, Sacramento has become one of the best cities within the United States to search for a new job. Part of the draw to California’s state capital is its diverse culture, scenic surroundings, and affordable cost of living compared to other parts of the state. However, it’s allure for people looking to start a new career can be linked to its rapidly expanding job market. Over the next decade, analysts believe that Sacramento companies will offer job opportunities with some of the highest pay in the region. More affordable housing in the area combined with more money in the bank give residents of Sacramento a way to stay on top of their financial lives while maybe even doing work they love. Who would turn that down?

Here are some of the hottest jobs currently available in Sacramento, and the salaries to go with them.

Technology-focused Positions

Several technology companies employ residents of Sacramento, including major players like Apple, Intel, Hewlett-Packard, and Oracle. As the technology landscape continues to heat up, with more and more companies entering the market each year, it is no surprise that careers are widely available for educated, innovative minds in the tech arena. In Sacramento, qualified individuals can find work as computer systems analysts with a variety of companies – a job that requires some college education but pays, on average, $82,488 per year. Computer network architects are also high in demand, accounting for 3% of job growth in the area since 2014. These positions pay an average of $127,907 per year and require a higher education and job experience as part of a potential hire’s resume. Database administration positions are also available for the right person, with most jobs paying an average of $79,871 each year.

Jobs in Healthcare

Technology isn’t the only hot job market in Sacramento these days; healthcare also offers an opportunity for individuals with a passion for helping people. Hospitals, family practices, and community clinics all require skilled workers to meet the growing needs of Sacramento’s residents and visitors. Among the most in-demand jobs in healthcare include physician’s assistants, nurse practitioners, and physical therapists. Individuals working as a physician’s assistant in Sacramento can expect to earn $119,132 annually, while nurse practitioners typically bring home $128,019 each year. Physical therapists, expected to experience a 34.7% increase in demand over the next either years, can expect to earn $100,901 on average in the city.

Construction Industry Jobs

As the population of Sacramento grows, there is an increased need for individuals experienced in construction and related trades. New homes will be necessary, as will new or updated infrastructure throughout the city to accommodate new and old residents alike. Cement masons sand concrete finishers, for instance, are high in demand among Sacramento’s construction companies, and most require little to no formal higher education or extensive work history. Workers in this field earn an average of $46,124 per year. Similarly, sheet metal workers, earning $68,637 on average per year, and plumbers, pipefitters, and steamfitters, earning $51,663 on average, are also high in demand throughout Sacramento and surrounding cities.

The state capital of California offers quite a bit for those seeking new opportunities in the job market. Whether you have ample experience or are embarking on a complete career change, Sacramento is sure to have something for you.

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