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The New Definition of Thoughtfulness (According to Millennials)

The New Definition of Thoughtfulness (According to Millennials)

In a new study, Lovepop uncovers that millennials and generations below are being extra thoughtful this holiday season. But true to millennial stereotypes, they’re putting their own new spins, definitions, and traditions behind the idea of thoughtfulness. Time, experiences, togetherness, kindness. These are the words millennials and younger generations are using to describe what the holiday season means to them. And they are making it happen like no other generation before. 

Time with loved ones is key – even when it costs millennials 

Younger generations agreed their most precious resource and the most precious gift they can receive is time together. 92% of millennials said the most important part of the holiday season is being with their loved ones. And they are making more effort to do so than their parents and grandparents. 85% of millennials will take on a difficult schedule (such as attending multiple events in one day) to ensure they spend time with loved ones this holiday season. They will spend 49% more on travel than older generations, and 25% reported planning to cover travel expenses in order to bring their loved ones closer to them for the holidays. 

Millennials rethinking the meaning of the season

60% of millennials said they think their definition of thoughtfulness is different than older generation’s. Rather than large gifts, millennials noted they preferred small gifts that showed friends and family’s appreciation, with 88% saying gift cards stand out as a gift when paired with a thoughtful card. Overall, 66% called out creating shared experiences as important to their definition of thoughtfulness, while only 7% said purchasing large, expensive gifts was important in demonstrating thoughtfulness.

We also see that younger generations are more likely to have an outward view of thoughtfulness during the holiday season, investing not only in their own family and friends but in their broader communities. Although ⅔ of millennials agree they are pressed for time this holiday season, 58% will donate their time to community/charitable causes and 54% will ensure their kids/family are included in these efforts.

Lastly, when asked what they consider the pinnacle of holiday success, passing along the tradition of kindness came out on top. In a world that portrays millennials as selfish and thoughtless, this data comes to show that the generation may be putting its money where it matters most. 

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