Tips for Buying Cheap Airline Tickets

Tips for Buying Cheap Airline Tickets

As a rule, a tourist spends a significant part of the trip budget for a plane ticket. However, proper planning can save a considerable amount of money which you can spend for presents and visiting places of interest.

  1. Low-cost airline companies. In case you choose one of low-cost companies, an airline ticket can be 50% cheaper than a ticket from more expensive companies. Yes, the service will be worth, but if the flight lasts several hours only, why not to save money for more pleasant and important trifles than tasty food on the plane?
  1. “Back and forth” tickets. Another nice option allowing to save money is buying two tickets (to go somewhere and come back). It turns out that “back and forth” tickets are cheaper than buying only one ticket at a time. This strategy is chosen by many airlines as the way to struggle with competitors for passengers. Besides offering “back and forth” tickets guarantees that all plane tickets will be sold out.
  1. Pay attention to companies that do not have direct flights to a chosen city. Yes, it is not very convenient to fly with a transfer, but such flights are significantly cheaper, so you have compensation for the inconveniences. Perhaps, exactly this flight will be not only cheaper, but also much more suitable regarding time of departure.
  1. Do not change the date and time of your flight. If you are aiming to reduce the cost of the ticket, plan the day and hour of the flight with maximum accuracy. As a rule, the possibility of a refund or exchange is included into the price, so-called “non-refundable” tickets are much cheaper.
  1. Bonus programs and special offers from airline companies. The earlier you start planning your trip, the more opportunities you have to use them. For example, if you start planning a summer holiday in winter or early spring , you can watch special offers made by different companies and book tickets as soon as they appear. Although sometimes special offers appear in the “hottest” time period, so if your trip “happened” all of a sudden start searching for current opportunities.

How can you watch these offers? First of all, you need to follow the major airlines, making flights to a particular country. As a rule, these are the main airlines of the country you live and the country you are travelling to. In addition, you must also follow opportunities offered by other airlines which have connecting flights to a country or a city you want to visit.

  1. Days of the week. The choice of the day is of great importance. On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays domestic flights are often cheaper than on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. This is due to the fact that businessmen are leaving for their trip on Monday morning and come back often on Thursday night.
  1. Another equally important factor in finding a cheap ticket is the time of a flight. The “dead time” can vary depending on the route: early morning and late evening are better for tourist trips, while lunch time is perfect for business trips.
  1. Choose another date. If the date of the flight is not really important for you and it doesn’t matter if you go two days earlier or later, checking tickets for the days close to a perfect date can make sense. For example, the ticket on the 5th of December may be cheaper than the ticket on the 6th of December.
  1. The closer the date of your trip, the more expensive the ticket costs. Thus, it is important to plan your trip in advance. Some time ago the airline companies noticed that many businessmen often plan their meetings in a very short period of time. Since airlines are mainly focused on business trips, you can benefit from it, if you book your flight more than three weeks beforehand.
  1. Fly during low season periods. It is always cheaper to travel when other people do not travel. If you want to save money and have a wonderful vacation go to the sea before or after the high season. Do you want to celebrate the New Year’s Eve away from home? Then fly directly on December 31st! You will notice that the mood of flight attendants is better on this day!
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