Top 5 Insightful Ideas to Start Earning Passive Income

Top 5 Insightful Ideas to Start Earning Passive Income

Passive income is great. When you establish passive income systems that basically produce without you having to involve too much in the process, you are able to spend more time and energy on the aspects that matter most.

For some, it could be making more passive income, while for some it could be building a home or starting a traveling journey. No matter what your reasons are, developing a passive income stream is a great way to create a lifestyle in which you trade more

1.     Write, Publish, and Market an E-book

You can write your own digital e-book right now, and publish it in a matter of weeks. In case you’re good at a subject or at any particular field of activity and you feel that your knowledge matters, you should really give it a try.

Learn all about the publishing process, the pre-marketing process, and get informed about your best publishing possibilities. Once you have it done, focus on your marketing extensively. Once you create a stable traffic juice, you’re set for success.

Your marketing strategies should also be oriented towards passive traffic generation. Therefore, focus your efforts on SEO marketing, Video marketing, Q&A platforms, Forums, and so on.

2.   Create and Sell E-Courses

Selling e-courses is a great passive income generation model. You write one course, you make sure that it’s well placed on a very popular open source learning platform, and you then begin marketing it.

You should also try positioning your courses on platforms such as Udemy and Coursera.The number of customers on these platforms is absolutely insane.

In other words, create a course then sell it over and over again through popular platforms or your own well-marketed website.

3.   Do Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is basically recommending other people’s products for commissions. The best way to make a passive income stream out of it is to develop a blog around a niche. Then, you should start placing affiliate links that lead towards niche products.

Moreover, you can leave your affiliate links all over the internet. Well, at least in the places that allow you to do so. Once you expose your blog and affiliate links, you’ll benefit from a passive traffic streak that will automatically generate passive income.

4.   Create a Membership Website

This is one of the best passive income models out there. You basically create a service membership website that charges users on a monthly basis. Antiviruses are a pretty good example.

Dana Werner, CEO of an impressive research paper writing service, suggests:

Start by thinking of solutions. What problems do people face on a daily basis? What can you do to solve one of their problems? Ideally, think of problems that keep repeating themselves over and over.

Once you’re established, you can start outsourcing everything. Virtual assistants, premium tools, and maybe a manager, and you’re all set for becoming a passive earner.

5.    Start a Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping is easy. You find cheap products which are often sold on Aliexpress, you build a website around a niche category of products, and you promote it well. When someone purchases a product from your website, you can then manually order the item off Aliexpress or use an automation tool to do that.

One thing I might have missed: you’re making profits on each sale. That’s because –for example – a watch off Aliexpress is worth 3$, and you’re selling it with 40$. E-commerce is a great passive income stream if you practice and learn from your mistakes on a consistent basis.


Now that we’ve discussed all of these tips, I’d like to offer you an important insight that you should always keep in mind. Passive income exists. Yet, getting to the point where you no longer have to spend any hours on maintaining the passive stream is extremely challenging. You’ll have to work very hard. Besides from hard, you have to do it smart.

This is a guest post from Jessica Barrett. Degree qualified and fast becoming a noted expert in her field, Jessica Barrett is an employee of Wizessay. You will no-doubt be hearing a lot about her in the future because she is spearheading numerous academic writing initiatives, she is also building quite a reputation on social media.

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