Top 6 Items that You Should Never Purchase Online at Any Cost

Top 6 Items that You Should Never Purchase Online at Any Cost

Online shopping makes life much easier and it becomes blessings for people who are on the busy work schedule. Not only that online shopping frees you from shopping products in the huge crowd and parking problems. Even though it offers so many benefits, there are few things that you should avoid buying online and below are those things.

Things should not buy online:

Luxury items:

Everyone wants to purchase luxury items such as a shoe, dresses, fine jewelry and signature bags at low prices. You can find such exciting offers from online sellers. You simply wonder these items sold at the cheaper price and make a purchase immediately without verifying their authenticity. This decision could lead to pay for the items, which is not worthy at all. Never make a purchase online based on the price tag as it may present the fake product to you.

Prescription medicine and drugs:

Most of the people are fond of purchasing their prescription medications online for only the sake of saving money. Online seller uses this chance and sold medications at the cheaper price compared to local pharmacies. Drugs such as antidepressants and enhancement pills are abundant online as they are very cheap. Most of the seller would not even question or need a prescription. However, you can never know that they are genuine and medications are approved until you experience something going wrong.

Large appliances:

In online, you can buy large electronic items such as flat screen TV, fridge, washing machine, and so on. You have a plethora of options to choose from with regard to brand, price, size, and even discounts. However, buying large appliances online can be risky as it may get damaged during transportation and faulty one. Many online stores have a strict return policy and even some will charge you extra for shipping and restocking.

Skincare products:

Never buy skin care products online unless you are already using from the genuine website because you do not know how cheap it may be. Most of the consumer would not know how their skin reacts to the new products. Besides, you would not want to buy the expired skin care products or fake products. Always purchase skincare items from the retail stores and test them first before buying. Thus, you can avoid allergic reactions.


Never purchase undergarments online even if you know your measurements already. It is because not all online stores follow the same sizing. Thus, you could end up purchasing items that are not fit for you. Usually, online stores restrict their return policy on innerwear so do not waste your money. Go and buy undergarments directly from a retail store for a perfect fit.


If you hate standing in a large cashier line to pay your grocery bill, you would prefer online grocery stores and get delivery at the doorstep. This would save your time and money but avoid buying fresh food and groceries online. It is because you cannot see the product freshness level and quality until they arrive at your doorstep. Even though you can return products, it time-consuming and frustrating so simply buys from the local grocer.

Hence, if you decide to buy these products in online, then consider more than twice as you can tend to lose your savings. If it is unavoidable to purchase these products online, you have to do proper research about the seller authenticity whether having a deal with them or not.

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