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Top Tips to Save Money on Air Conditioning This Summer

Top Tips to Save Money on Air Conditioning This Summer

Nothing is worse than feeling like you are living in a pressure cooker. Except probably the bill that comes end month. In mid-summer, the cost of cooling a home is exorbitant. In some of the warmest parts of the country, especially, where cooling bills are easily several dollars a month. Fortunately, there are specific ways of saving money on air cooling, helping your air conditioner to operate better, saving you a little money over the summer. These cheap (or cost-free) tips keep you cool and save you some money as this summer you beat the heat.

Proper Placement of the Thermostat

When your thermostat is placed on the outside wall or near the window, it can record the wrong reading and kick the air conditioner more often prematurely. You need an HVAC contractor to adjust your thermostat, but it can be worth calling to save money on air conditioning every year. This can also be a wonderful moment to upgrade your temperature more carefully to a smart thermostat.

Install Ceiling Fans for Easy Circulation of the Air

Warm air rises; therefore, turning on the ceiling fan into a soft breeze will cool the space more quickly. You can install a few floor fans to keep the air on the floor, make your home feel more relaxed, and allow your air conditioner to work a little less complicated.

Maintain Cooling Systems

Using an energy-efficient AC and installing a programmed thermostat is not sufficient. If you don’t care correctly for your equipment, your cooling expenses won’t be reduced. Dirty AC filters limit airflow and make it harder for units to refresh your home. Cleaning and replacement of filters once a month will reduce AC energy usage by 5% to 15%.

If you have a central cooling system, ensure that you don’t block floor registers with dust — or furniture. A condenser and evaporator unit (placed outside) should also be free of dirt and other waste (fallen leaves, branches, grass). And cut foliage such that the condenser is always at least 2 feet away.

Install Solar Panels

If you reside in a hot environment and want to compensate for your electricity expenditures, solar panels are an excellent alternative. The installation of solar panels on your roof allows you to use solar energy to power your home and decrease air conditioning costs.

The cost may vary depending on whether you buy or rent solar panels. Although it’s a hefty initial expense, it could be only the investment you have to save money on long-term cooling expenditures.

Use What You Have Already

There are many ways to cool your space using alternative methods. Go old school, turn on the fans, close blinds, and curtains. When a fan is activated, it won’t cool your entire home, but it can help your air conditioner run more efficiently. Ceiling fans can make a big difference in keeping things cool in the air. If you have a cellar, chill out during hot sunny days.

Turn The Heat Emitting Culprits Off

The TV, the computer, the printer, a lamp in the corner, the kitchen oven… all these elements create heat bucketloads and compel the air conditioner to work harder to control the temperature. Turn them off, and you will save money immediately on the energy consumption of your air conditioning! What can you disable? Can you turn off lights in your home’s unused areas?

Can you switch off the TV or any other device? These tablets, computers, and printers create heat that can make it difficult for your air conditioner to perform. Who knows, it could help to bring the art of talking back.

Skip Indoor Cooking

Try your best to avoid cooking in an oven or stovetop during scorching seasons of summer. Try eating cold food, microwave cooking, or cooking outdoors on a barbecue when you can. Indoor cooking produces a lot of heat which makes your air conditioner even more stressful. You can also use more miniature heat-like devices like electric grids or crockpots.

Whenever you cook, make sure that your windows are open and the kitchen exhausts are activated as soon as you finish.

Replace an Old AC Unit and Purchase a New One

The best way to decrease your HVAC electricity is to replace the old air conditioner and purchase a new air conditioner. These modern devices save homeowners long-term; even in summer, the monthly electricity drain is so dramatic. New units are energy-star conservation certified, which means they will considerably reduce your electricity consumption. If it’s over ten years old, it’s time to think about replacement.

With just a few easy tweaks around the house, air conditioning can save you money with little work or cost. 

Reducing air conditioning expenditures can make your family and you more comfortable in the summer months, make your home energizing, and even improve the environment by cutting carbon emissions.

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