Travel on a Budget – Thrifty Tips that You Have Never Heard Before

Travel on a Budget – Thrifty Tips that You Have Never Heard Before


Do you think you need to have lot of money to travel? If answered yes, think again! You ask someone what they love to do more and they tell you they want to travel and when you ask them why they don’t fulfill their wishes, pat comes their reason, ‘money’. But it is a wrong notion that traveling always has to be expensive. Irrespective of whether you’re a college student who is looking forward to travel abroad during summer or someone with enough funds looking for a travel on budget, here are some vital tips that you should take into account.

  • Plan ahead of time: The longer you wait for booking your air tickets or your hotel accommodations, everything gets costlier. Not only that, you will also miss out all those early-bird deals for various travel packages or for cruises. Hence if you wish to travel on a budget, you should plot out your destinations way ahead of time and begin scouting the deals. You can also use tools especially when you want to travel for less.
  • Travel off season: Irrespective of whether you’re purchasing trans-continental plane tickets or you’re booking train tickets for a weekend getaway, you should stay away from the peak times as the costs are at their highest. Therefore you should try your best to plan your trip during an off season in order to save on your expenses. Depending on the destination, peak times will also vary but typically major holidays and summer breaks are some times to avoid.
  • Avoid checking a bag: There are some particular airlines which charge you extra fees when you check a bag or a luggage. Hence you should either stick to those airlines which allow a first check bag free of cost to their passengers or leave the huge suitcase at home. In case you’re planning on visiting various locations, this will be easier for you in the long run as big luggage can definitely be difficult.
  • Avoid having dinners out: Yes, beachside restaurants are definitely great but they can add an extra of $50-$100 to a night out or dinner where you’re treating your family. Instead of doing that you can stock up enough groceries at home and cook meal at home which you can eat at the beach. For lunch, take a sandwich in your bag as that will not only save money but you won’t even have to derail your day stopping at cafe time and again.
  • Check out for discounts: Sites like Groupon and LivingSocial offer some awesome deals which range from spa days to tours to some awesome discounts on merchandise. In case you’re planning to go to a hot destination during the stay, browse through such discount sites which may tell you about some worthy ways of saving money.

Therefore, if you’re wondering about some good ways to travel on budget, you can consider following the above mentioned advice. Save money and use it elsewhere.

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