Unique and Strange Ways to Save Money Which Actually Work

Unique and Strange Ways to Save Money Which Actually Work

If you’re someone tight on budget, saving money for a big expense like a family vacation or down payment for your home loan can sometimes become extremely necessary. Anyone can find out a string of new ways to save money but how many of us follow the steps to do the same? We rarely take serious steps through which we can actually end up saving our hard-earned dollars. While there are some of the most common ways to save money, there are also few weird ways in which you can save your dollars. If you’re not aware of such weird, strange and unique ways, here is a list that you may take into account.

  • Get married to someone frugal

If you’re still not married and you’re about to get married, you can consider marrying someone who is already frugal in his personal lifestyle. If your partner has a great financial head on his shoulders, he can guide you through the right path when you fall in debt and also assist you in coming out of it. If you have the habit of throwing off your dollars unnecessarily, they can help you save.

  • Unplug every appliance when you’re not using it

Before going off to bed at night, make sure you spend at least 5 minutes taking a stroll around your house so that you may check whether or not all electronic appliances are switched off and unplugged. Appliances may include TV, toaster, DVD player, computer and also the alarm clock. This will save you a bunch of your money as they won’t drain off electricity unnecessarily.

  • Say goodbye to diapers

If you’ve got a baby, you should now bid goodbye to diapers as they are a huge cost for parents of new-borns and toddlers. Teach them potty training as that is indeed a great way to save money. Getting your little one to use the potty a bit ahead of time will save you big bucks on wipes and diapers. You will also relieve yourself from the habit of changing diapers and this will ultimately prove to be a unique way of saving money.

  • Avoid throwing parties and go for potlucks

You may have a friend circle of your own and you might be enjoying parties thrown by every single friend. But when you’re tight on your budget, it is indeed better to go for potlucks where everyone cooks a meal and brings it to the host’s house (the host too participates in cooking one meal). This not only lets all your friends sharpen their culinary skills but it also helps the party-thrower save money.

  • Go on a spending fast often

Refrain from spending money for a couple of days as this can help you bulk up a considerable amount of savings. The main idea is to stop spending money on luxuries and wants and spend on needs like food, rent, transportation and medicine.

Therefore, if you’re eager to save money and rack up your savings account, you can follow the above mentioned unique money-saving ideas and get positive results within a month.

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