What Improvements Increase the Value of Your Home?

What Improvements Increase the Value of Your Home?

The value of any kind of home, be it a detached or semi detached home, a villa on the beach or an apartment in the city centre, can be increased. Naturally, this does not come by itself; there are certain improvements that need to be done. If you are thinking about selling your home you should take the following improvement suggestions into strong consideration in order to get a better price. Applying them will result in long term increase of the value of your home.

Open floor plan resemblance

Spaciousness is always an asset when it comes to home value. That is why open floor plans are becoming increasingly popular since they provide the feeling without necessarily covering a large space. The trick is in the fact that there are no unnecessary walls. You can apply the same principle to any home that has non-structural walls. For example, if you have one between your kitchen and living room, by taking it down you will gain the spaciousness feeling at an affordable price. This goes for any other non-structural wall as well.


No matter how strange this may sound, saving money and improving the value of your property is also possible. For example, by repainting the home yourself not only will you save a substantial amount otherwise given to professionals, you will increase the value of the property. It is a well known fact that the state of the interior contributes significantly to the sale price. Furthermore, keep your house in an impeccable state, it will surely be noticed and valued by all potential buyers.


Being a constant gardener is not only beneficial for you health but leaves a crucial impression. This is especially true if you have a front yard since it will be the first impression, the most important one both for people and things. As we all know, we only have one chance of making a good first impression so make sure you garden is well kept, pruned, landscaped and welcoming. No one thinks of a house positively if there is a jungle in front of it and very often potential buyers do not even bother entering. Therefore, invest in all necessary gardening tools and make good use of them.

Patio and terrace

If you have a patio or terrace its appeal is also very crucial to raising the value of your home. As we mentioned before, perfect maintenance is of utmost importance. On the other hand, if you do not have one, it is strongly suggested that you invest in building it since patio and terraced houses have always been increasingly popular. Regardless of the style you opt for, make sure you use decking supports as a cost effective alternative to brick piers, both in terms of load capacity and longevity. The ease of maintenance and insulation opportunities should not be overlooked either since they will enable the use of terrace and patio throughout the year, which will be especially appealing to future owners.

All these improvements require certain investments, financial and time and energy ones. However, the results they bring are such that the value of your property is increased immediately, as well as on a long term basis.


This is a guest post from Marie Nieves. Marie Nieves is a student and a blogger who loves unusual trips, gadgets and creative ideas, interested in interior and exterior design. Ever since she got her decking supports by Elmich, Marie loves to talk about her experiences and practical home solutions.

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