Where Should You Invest Your Dollars for the Rest of 2017?

Where Should You Invest Your Dollars for the Rest of 2017?

An investor always knows that bull markets are the trickiest ones to carry on with just when you start to think that it’s an easy one. US Stock investors have lately got gains which are worth more than a year within the last 6 months, where Standard & Poor’s 500- stock index getting back by 12.5% since the election of November, which is much ahead of the annual average of 10%. The ride for investors could never be smoother because the levels of volatility are their lowest low. Crises at the White House came mounting with the investigations of Trump campaign making stocks plunge in a 1-day rout on 17th May. Doubt and scepticism over stocks is also a good and positive sign and the US economy keeps earning profits which are sound enough.

To add to the surprise, there are many Wall Street analysts which have raised the yearly targets for the S&P 500 as the index increased more than their last few predictions and this is why they are raising theirs. The returns from here to the end of the year are most likely more tepid and they’re tougher to come. Stocks will probably stay afloat for a while now but the tranquillity of the market will last forever.

Rectifications are referred to as downturns and they happen between 10% and 20% take place in every 2 years. The previous one shaved 15% off the Standard & Poor which ended in 2016 February. However, pullbacks ranging from 5-10% occur in every 7 months and this means we’re overdue. As we are almost treading towards the later half of 2017, it is vital to choose stock of investments, you have to know how much money you need to earn and how much you can tolerate to lose. All you need to do is to tweak your portfolio in the right manner.

Forecasts and predictions

In the month of January, experts and analysts said that S&P 500 could generate an entire return which would include dividends, of 8% in 2017. During the initial quarter of the year, the stocks delivered 7.5%. This way, a return of 9% to 11% for the entire year, which includes 2 percentage points of yield from dividends seems worth it and the S&P will probably end in 2017 between 2400 and 2450. This suggests an increase in the index of 1% to 3% from the recent close of 2384 and the year-end target of industrial average of Dow Jones of around 22,500 from 20,876.

Confidence measures among consumers are even at their highest level since the early 2000s. The consumer spending accounts for around 75% of the US economy. The current unemployment rate is at 4.5% or at its lowest level since 2007 May and wages are also ticking to a higher rate.

So, if you are an investor and you still want to invest in the best assets, you can take into account the financial assets listed above and in case you need help, seek help of an investment advisor.

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