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Why Comprehensive Coverage is Important to Your Car

Why Comprehensive Coverage is Important to Your  Car

Although the name might imply that comprehensive coverage covers a wide range of problems with your car, it’s actually meant to target some very specific aspects. However, having to pay for these out of your own pocket can get very expensive, very quickly. So what are the areas this type of insurance covers and how can you benefit from this?

  1. Animal collisions

Collision coverage, regardless of its name, does not actually cover you if you hit an animal. That’s what comprehensive coverage is for. Therefore, if there are a lot of wild animals in your local area, comprehensive coverage is worth thinking about. You could also go without it, but just think about how much it costs to replace a dented hood or a shattered windshield. The numbers can reach into the thousands, making it far better to compare insurance coverage options and find one that covers these expenses.

  1. Fire damage

A poorly discarded cigarette can ignite a spark, and in the hot summer days, this could quickly lead to a fire spiraling out of control, engulfing your vehicle in flames. This could quickly do some massive damage to your vehicle, the kind of damage you don’t even want to be thinking about paying out of pocket.

  1. Flood damage

In case your vehicle somehow gets trapped and you can’t get it out of harm’s way when the floods come rushing in, its internal mechanical parts can get damaged as a result of it. In most cases, a flood can completely wreck your vehicle, so never make the mistake of underestimating it. If you intend on leaving it parked in high-risk areas, getting a comprehensive coverage should be a no-brainer.

  1. Bad weather damage

Weather can be unpredictable, and finding a great comprehensive coverage deal by browsing through comparison websites like will help you secure the best prices you can find. Just imagine what damage your vehicle could be affected by if there’s no roof that protects it from impact. In certain parts of the world, a tornado could appear, seemingly out of nowhere, pick it up, and toss it into a nearby tree. Having comprehensive coverage will let you sleep at night, knowing that your vehicle’s safety is never endangered by the nature’s inherent unpredictability.

  1. Theft

The wrongdoers never rest, and a single moment of carelessness is often enough for them to take advantage of it and take off with your car. This is especially true if you leave it parked in shady neighborhoods overnight. Would you be able to afford losing all the belongings you’re storing in there and the vehicle itself? While comprehensive coverage won’t be enough for you to buy a whole new car, it will certainly yield enough funds so you’ll be able to buy a used one (worth approximately the same amount of money your current vehicle is worth).


While comprehensive coverage isn’t free, the investment you make today is bound to make your life much more relaxed due to being protected from the unpredictable events your vehicle may be exposed to. Have you already gone through the comprehensive coverage provider comparison websites and picked the best one?

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